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Wellness Tips from an Old Man

Day 574, 04:26 Published in India India by DonMogul

Firstly before I set off with the main body of this article, I would like to send my greetings to everyone here in India. I am sure that together as a nation we can build upon the solid work of our great government and make India into something really special in this New World.

Now onto wellness!

Wellness is the single most important part of your life in the New World. It affects both your productivity when you work and the damage you inflict on your enemies on the battlefield. Higher wellness means your boss is more likely to give you a higher wage (not to mention the vital extra damage points wellness brings in that could mean the difference between victory and defeat).

As you can see it is in everyone's best interest to keep your wellness as high as possible. There are two main ways of achieving this and they are described below (there is a third way but unless you want to spend copious amounts of GOLD its not really worth it):

(1) The Daily Automatic Wellness Increase

Your daily wellness increase (OR decrease!) is calculated by this formula:

wellness increase = (1.5 - (current wellness/100)) * (wellness bonus food + wellness bonus house)

Essentially what this formula means is that the higher quality food your citizen eats at 00:00 every day and the higher quality your house, the higher your wellness increase will be. It is also interesting to note that the higher your current wellness is the smaller your daily increase will be!

For example, if as at 00:00 server time your wellness was at 90.00 and you eat Q1 food, your wellness will increase to 90.60 (an increase of 0.60). But if your wellness was 30.00, your wellness will increase to 31.20 (an increase of 1.20).

The Importance of Houses

Save up your money and buy a house. Buying a house will allow you to purchase cheap lower quality food for the same wellness increase.

For example:

You are eating Q2 food and do not own a house your wellness is increasing by 2.40 points per day. After saving your money for a time, you are at last able to purchase a Q1 house.

Instead of purchasing your usual Q2 food, you purchase Q1. Your wellness will still increase by 2.40 wellness points.

(2) Non-GOLD Once-a-day wellness bonuses

Unlike the daily increase, these types of wellness bonuses do not rely in any way on your current wellness.

Gifts will increase your wellness by one point per quality level of the gift up to a maximum of 10 wellness points each day. Depending on your situation it may be cheaper to contact one of your friends and you both purchase a gift or two and send them to each other (rather than buy a high quality food). This way your wellness increases and you get that special feeling you only get when you help someone out.

Hospitals will give you 10 wellness per quality level but can only be used once a day and only after you have fought at least once on the battlefield. As at this moment, India has a Q5 hospital in Orissa.

Lets say your current wellness was 45. You fight once and your wellness falls down to 35. You go to the hospital in Orissa and you will gain 50 wellness points. Your citizen wellness will then be a very nice 85.

Wellness Loss

Just as there are several ways of increasing wellness there are also a few ways of losing it. All loss is independent of your current wellness just like the instant wellness gains.

Every time you work you will lose one wellness per Quality level of the company you work for. You can easily see the company quality on the Human resources screen from the number of stars under the company name.

One wellness every time you train.

One wellness every day for General Managers (you can avoid this by buying and org to manage your companies).

Ten wellness every time you enter a fight.

Low quality moving tickets also cause wellness loss.

OK, now lets put everything we have learned together!

Lets assume...

Your current wellness is 45.
You work in a Q4 company.
You train every day.
You own a Q2 house.
Unfortunately no wars so you can not fight.
Gifts are too expensive.

Using this information, lets find out the minimum Quality food you need to eat in order to ensure an increasing wellness every day.

If you purchase Q1 food your wellness will decrease to 43.13 (a fall of 1.87!)
If you purchase Q2 food your wellness will decrease to 44.69 (a fall of 0.31!)
If you purchase Q3 food your wellness will increase to 46.25 (a rise of 1.25!)

NOTE: If this citizen did not have the Q2 house the citizen would have to purchase Q4 food.

Here is a graph of this citizen's wellness over the course of 10 days.

As you can see this citizens wellness steadily increases over the 10 days. Any sane General Manager would be happy to see an employee increasing their wellness like this! You will also note the daily increase is smaller the higher the wellness is.

Keep battling on and soon you'll be like me who at 00:00 every day is at 100 wellness!

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Rohan_Verma Day 574, 07:41

this has been copied from the forums or some newspaper from an other eNation cause i hav read it while i was in eUSA

Rohan_Verma Day 574, 07:41

neither vote nor subscribe

Rohan_Verma Day 574, 07:42

don mogul must be wishing he could delete this
he could if this was BETA

DonMogul Day 575, 01:26

Rohan, if you have ever checked my wiki page you would have seen at one point that I was the Director of the London branch of the National Health Service AND I was Under-Minister for Health for a time in the UK.

While I was under-minister I took down some notes on wellness in preparation for an article. However, RL circumstsances interefered and I was forced to resign my posts. I sent these notes to the then Minister for Health who passed it on to his successor at the conclusion of his term. That person wrote the article you are referring to.

I have merely used MY OWN notes to write this article. I would ask in future Rohan that you ask questions instead of making snap judgements like you have.

BroodRoosterNL Day 575, 04:04


Shivendu SRJ
Shivendu SRJ Day 575, 07:16

its not an issue if he copied or whatever
u just get so much information from this

DonMogul Day 575, 21:24

I didnt copy the article anyway 🙂

i just used to the same set of notes as another article. Notes I wrote 😉

Thankyou for your votes and subscriptions!

srachit Day 576, 03:52

hey Don I see you moved to India finally 🙂

dont mind rohan he has a habit of complaining of articles been copied.

Oh and Don was the NHS director of London thats for sure coz I worked with him 😛

Avinash_4u18 Day 594, 05:39


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