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Day 2,121, 01:03 Published in Israel Slovenia by yosef14

Welcome to the newspaper israel tomorro!!!

In this paper I will try to entertain you in if it's not entertaining stories bring me ideas and I will

So enjoy them written for starters I'll get a few laughs:

1) A man said to his friend: "My dwarf. Seem to you that if I give my impressions of money?"

Friend looked puzzled: "Your height is six feet, how do you say you are a dwarf?" He asked.

"That's just it," he explained enthusiastically, "I'm the world's tallest midget". 🙂

2) A woman came to the exhibition looks at the first picture and immediately yells at guard: "This exhibition! Way

It?! What kind of picture it? "🙂

And the guard replies: "Sorry ma'am It is not that picture from s - a - e!"

3) The woman says to her husband after the wedding: "I will at all from A to Q,

And you will do just the Z, clean, cook, will iron .... "🙂

Hope you enjoyed
Joseph me 🙂 🙂



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