Welcome to the World

Day 2,943, 08:26 Published in USA USA by Jomichka

Hello all,

If you have just recently decided to join the game or the eUSA I would like to share some tips for you as you begin your journey. I'm not saying earth-shattering things, but if you haven't seen this advice before then this is for you. These are not inviolate rules to follow, and I am not an expert in all of the different nuances of the game, but I am experienced having played off and on since 2009.

Tip #1 - Check in every day!

This is one where you can learn from my mistake. If you want to grow your character in this game you need to check in every day to work and train, and then don't forget to get the reward for doing so. This is a great to level up, especially at the early levels.

I would suggest that even when RL takes precedent and you can't really get into the whole social aspect of the game if you have to drop down to two clicking then when you do have the time to come back you will be better off than without. I won't even do the calculations of all the experience I let fly by.

Tip #2 - Make Friends!

This is a social kind of game where your social networking can make a huge impact on what resources you have available and what kind of impact you can have in the game. Your friends will be able to help with missions, and if you have political or media mogul aspirations then your friends and connections are going to be what helps propel you forward. Also, as you make friends you will learn about the different opportunities for new players to get both food and weapons that help you grow even more.

Tip #3 - Join a Party

Whether of not you like politics, real world or eRep, joining a political party can be of benefit because it will help you build connections. There a are a number of political parties to choose from. I would be lying if I said I could give you an unbiased and impartial suggestion on that so I won't. I have been a part of the USWP since I was able to join a party and I think it's a great group of players who are helpful and have long history of influential members.

Tip #4 - Join an MU

Again this is another opportunity to make connections, you don't have to do this day one by any means, but eventually you may want to. The USAF has many options for players to get involved. You can start in flight training and go from there. With help, you can grow to be an influence on the battlefield.


eRepublik is a game, it's a multi-faceted game to be sure, but it's still a game. Don't take things too seriously. You will especially want to remember that this is just a game if you go into politics or start publishing a lot of articles. Sometimes people can be mean, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter all that much.

Welcome to the eWorld, cheers!