Welcome to the Congressional Corner + How A Bill Becomes a Law

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Welcome to the first ever Congressional Corner!

My name is ProggyPop and I'm the Speaker of the House. I am the first ever Speaker, after a long series of congressional discussions, debates, and a vote. My job as Speaker is multi-faceted; I help guide discussion, keep track of voting, and ensure communication with you, the people.

Introducing the 14th Congress

First, let me congratulate all those newly elected and re-elected Congressional representatives. It's an honor when a constituency choses you to represent them in the halls of Congress and I hope all of our representatives in the 14th Congress remember that. If you're interested in seeing the entire set of Congressional reps for the 14th term, here's a link:


How a Bill Becomes a Law

I'd like to talk about an important subject. Our Congress has adopted a general rule of procedure over time. In general, all proposals are vetted through the Congressional boards at the ERepublikusa forums. All proposals need 5 approvals from other Congressional reps, and then a proposal is allowed to be voted on in game. Unfortunately, some of our newer reps are not following procedure and we've seen a glut of unvetted proposals.

I am a strong supporter of the approval system. I believe that it creates a close to mandatory incentive system to propose a law through the forums and to have discussion on a proposal. There's an unspoken rule that all Congressional reps will vote down a proposal that lacks the proper approval, so that threat of automatic rejection almost mandates anyone to bring a proposal the proper way. By doing so, we encourage discussion, debate, and compromise. The CTPA plan (across-the-board taxes) came about through discussion and compromise, and that's a strong way for any deliberative body to act.

Any Congressional rep that doesn't follow the approval system is failing to act efficiently. That fails your constituency! As such, I'd like to take a second to point out the representatives who failed to ask for proper approval right now.

Ion Ion (AAP-Arkansas)

Aren Perry (AAP-Illinois)

Rob Lewis (USWP-Arizona)

I sincerely hope these representatives learn the rules and act with the best interests of their constituencies in mind!