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Welcome to Kaer Zealandia

Day 1,775, 22:45 Published in New Zealand Australia by Ginny Tory

Welcome, eNew Zealand citizen, to Kaer Zealandia:

The home and headquarters of Te Pori. It is a towering fortress perched upon the beach cliffs of Purakaunui Bay in the Catlins region.

At the top most level stands the Great Hall:

Down at the end of the long columned passage stands a raised circular stage under a high dome.

On this stage is a semi-circle of seats where the Cabinet take their place:
1. President
a. Oversees all functions of the party (party elections, political relations, deals, etc.)
2. Vice President
a. Aids the President in his/her duties.
3. Secretary
a. Keeps all rosters, documents, and records up to date.
4. Spokesperson (info-out)
a. Writes articles for the Silver Fern Herald and upkeep the Wiki.
5. Councillor (info-in)
a. Communicates with other groups outside of Te Pori to gather information to bring back to the party.
6. Congressional Organizer
a. Plans the party’s monthly congressional elections runners and updates the party’s congressional records.

Some levels down on the cliff stands a dark stone and wood Hall:

Through the large wood entranceway embedded with elderberry branch ironwork, down a short staircase to a ditched stage...

Bulky old wood thrones line the left and right of this hall where The Elder Council members sit to deliberate:
a. The council is of the senior members of the party. Those who have the most playing experience and knowledge meant to provide advice and counsel to the party
b. During large party debates, the council members will be present to post their views based on their gathered knowledge on what to do. Members will read their advice and take it into account when deciding an action.
c. Council has 8 chairs that may be filled. Individuals interested in filling an empty seat must put their name forward to the party and explain why they deserve to become a council member. The party will then vote yes or no to their entry.

At the other side of Kaer Zealandia, down another corridor,

in a silver lined room, holds the Stone Table where The Stone Table Circle seat themselves:

a. The party will always hold a circle of individuals who represent the groups the party is friendly with and vow to show no violence toward.
b. Members may be within the party or nominally a ‘party member’. All will have a say, as representatives of their respective groups, during party debates.

Close to the beach sits a circular outdoor building, the White Amphitheater - the gathering place of the Congress Elects:

a. Every month, members will put their name forward to have a chance for being picked that month’s congressional candidates. People place into congress will be fair, giving everyone a chance. The group will include old and new members and representatives from all sides of the party.

Within a castle Armory, the armed forces of the Party, The Silver Fern Guard, plans and trains in these quarters, ready to defend the nation and support allies.

a. SFG Serves as the official party military unit. The unit will fight in battles that will aid in the interests of the party. They will fight for party allies and against party enemies and avoid crossing those lines in battle.
b. One MU Commander along with two MU 2nd Commanders will head the unit.
i. These three individuals have equal power over the guards of the silver fern. They vote within themselves for final actions of the military unit. Each commander is a top specialist within the group of the inner workings of the erepublik military module. They will listen to the Elder Council for advice and the Party President for politically motivated actions.
ii. The Commanders will be voted upon as needed by the guard members.

Here ends the tour of Kaer Zealandia. You now know the maze like pathways of the castle and its different halls and buildings.

The Party holds all things as public matters - “For New Zealand!”

As a republic, all things will be debated amongst the members in the eNew Zealand Forum. All voices may be sounded and none shall be silenced - all views laid out to be taken into consideration. The Elder Court will always be present to provide their wisdom and The Stone Table Circle can also chime in in interest of their groups. At the end of a set debate time (48 hours, 5 days, 1 week, etc.) a vote will always take place of the entire populace for a final decision made.

All actions will done out in the open for all members to be aware of. No actions may be secret.
Nothing may be done without the green light of the party.

Any individual or group, either a direct member or affiliated with, who breaks this part of The Code against the Party will be punished by removal or discontinuing loyalty.



Ginny Tory
Ginny Tory Day 1,775, 22:59


Isaac Anderson
Isaac Anderson Day 1,775, 23:03

eNZ \o/

E.L.E.A.N.O.R Day 1,776, 03:44

Fancy ! 😃

Plitvicki Inspektor
Plitvicki Inspektor Day 1,776, 08:42

Nice :😁

Spud of Doom
Spud of Doom Day 1,776, 15:22

Lots of nice pictures in here, but I think at some point it started detracting from the clarity of the message.

Trento96 Day 1,776, 18:50

How much gold do you have to pay to get a castle??? I want one!

Valentyme Day 1,776, 20:36

Agree with Spud, not quite sure of the point 😕

Ginny Tory
Ginny Tory Day 1,777, 05:14

That's cause there is no point point. *facepalm*

EternalLightStream Day 1,777, 06:55 it useful?

Ginny Tory
Ginny Tory Day 1,777, 19:12

Useful? The article? Only if you're IN Te Pori.

Lime Parkour Flow
Lime Parkour Flow Day 1,777, 19:33

I love this article. Really fun and nice. Great Job! I'm Glad I joined Te Pori and Silver Fern Guard 🙂

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