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Welcome to eAustria 1/3 (English Version)

Day 1,978, 01:27 Published in Austria Austria by Austrian Mentor Program
Welcome to eAustria !,In this tutorial we will try to explain you the main features of the game,we won't explain the rewards for the missions of your first days because many people have already done it and that part of the game is very variable,what we are going to do is introduce you the interface,explain the main characteristics of the eAustrian community and try to assist you and show you some of the most remarkable things.So let's start.

Ok,you're probably quite confused right now but try to focus on this part of the screen:

In this picture you can observe some essential things of the game like:

1:The Gold and the money that you have in your account,the money acronym is ATS (Austrian Schilling) and with money you can buy food,weapons,change your location etc,while with gold you can upgrade factories,training centers and some other things.(The factories and the training centers will be explained later)

2:This is your current location,you can change it in the principal map and depend on where you want to go it costs 20,40,60,80,100 or more ATS,so be careful and don't waste all your money in travels.

3:This is your experience ponts,depend on your level you can or can't do some things,for example you can join any MU from the beggining but you can't join any political party until the 13th level.(Don't worry,until the 20th level approximately increase your level is very easy).

4:This is the quantity of energy that you have,you will start with a low quantity but it will increase as your lever rise (green bar).In the blue bar,you can also see,when you can recover energy (every 6 minutes 10 energy).

5:If you enter in the message and alert panel you can see all the messages that other players have sent to you and in the alerts panel you can see some repies of your friendship requests,if someone has donated money,weapons or food to you etc.

After this,let's look to the big blue panel that is in the upper zone,and click in “Market” and go to the job market zone.This is the current austrian market:

Here you can find the owners of factories who search some people to work for them,choose the option that you prefer,but it's recommendable to elect the option which offers more money.

After have a job,go to the “My places” area,There you will find something like this.

Let's analyse it in a closer way.

1:The green symbol indicates you where you have already worked,so you cannot work in the same factory or mine twice in a day.

2:This is the opposite version,if your symbol is white,you can push it and work in there.

3.This is the symbol for a Food raw materials,from this you can make food as it's obvious,if you haven't enough you can always buy it on the Market,just push Market,then Marketplace and click on the Food Raw materials,the normal price of this is 0.02 or 0.03 ATS.The same happens with the green one (Weapons raw materials,with this you can make weapons).As higher the quality of the product,more raw material you will need.

4:In this panel you can see the food or weapons that you will make,an example,if you have a 2nd grade factory you will need 240 raw weapon material to make 12 weapons.

5:Here you can see how much energy does your work costs,apart of that all factories and mines costs 10 energy too,so if you have 6 mines and 2 factories,it will cost you 80 energy.

6:This is your salary without taxes,if you think that you have a low-paying job,you can try to find another job in the market,but you must resign from your actual post.

7:This is the tax that a country charges you,this tax depend on your country,you can change it proposing a lawand only if you are in the congress (Don't hurry,to this step it's still a bit early 😉 )

8:In this part you can see the owner of the company that you work for,also here you can resign from your actual job to try to find another one.

9:Here you can upgrade your factories or mines or buy new ones.Here you can see all the information about upgrades.

Pd:Apart of that we reccommend you to upgrade first your training center and the create and upgrade factories and mines,because if you upgrade first the training center you will obtain the Super Soldier medal faster and this will provide you 5 gold.

10:And to finish with this panel,if you press this button you are going to work on the companies that you own.

11:if you are beginning,you don't need to hire employees,this just will be an obstacle because you will waste the money that you hardly gain.

Now we will explain you the training center,just push the second button in the “My places” zone and your screen will look like this:

So let's see what we can find here:

1:As in the companies site,the trainig ground is quite similar so if it's in green you have alrady fight in it,if not,you can train there,as in the companies you can't train twice a day.

2:Here you will find all the useful information about he costs of upgrades.We recommend you to upgrade the training centers and the factories.

3:Here you can see how many strenght you gain,the first center is free and provide you a quantity of energy which depends on your level.
Level 1=5 strenght

Level 2=10 strenght

Level 3=15 strenght

Level 4=20 strenght

4:As you can see,this a training ground that requires gold to train,in the first days you should try to gain gold to upgrade your training center and then you should decide if you want to train in this paying-grounds.

For train and work you need energy and rise your level and you can do this on the Battlefield,but that will be included in the next tutorial.But before leaving this one we want to analyze the Military units available to choose.
Here we can find the most relevant MU of eAustria.

1.Armed Forces of Austria:The most numerous unit and the one which icorporate people from different political views,with different opinions and from all the world.In it's feed you can find some of the most notable people in eAustria apart of that this unit provides you supplies depending on the fights that you have.If you want supplies fiill this.

2.Kuruc Sereg:One of the representant of the Hungarian presence in eAustria,most of the members are from Hungary.This unit has their own political party the National Front.

3:Szekler Legion.The other Hungarian representant,as the Kuruc Sereg unit,this a mostly Hungarian unit and in it you can find people like the three-times president lazo.They also have
a Political parrty,Party of the Horny Princess

4.Tigers.The most harmful unit,it incorporates people from the balcans whose maximum target is make a PTO ( we will explain what is a PTO in the next tutorial) and decimate this eAustrian Community (please do not join this unit).They also have a political party,the SPÖ who use multiple accounts and exploit other citizen accounts (Please,Do not join this party and be careful wih the Tigers people).

And here you can find some useful information in the wiki:

Hope this have been useful to you and see you in the next tutorial.


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Luis Grindl
Luis Grindl Day 1,978, 09:38

voted. very nice

GazonkFoo Day 1,979, 09:22

i like the german version better : P
just kidding

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