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Weekly Power Rankings #26; Go Philippines! Go Norway!

Day 1,867, 01:11 Published in Canada Canada by Shoi12

Welcome to another edition of the eRepublik Power Rankings! Here are the rules; the efforts of the top five countries this week will be recognized, and the five worst performances will be mocked, no exceptions! Countries are recognized for many things, including successful defending, securing strong alliances, and, of course, conquering rivals. Without further ado, let's begin!

Updated as of 20:00 New World Time, Day 1,866

Rk (Last)


1 (NR) Paraguay

Let's give Paraguay some love 😃 Back recovering from a disappointing wipe, Paraguay had but one region to its name. However, though Chile did a lot of the heavy lifting, it was the Paraguayans who benefited the most from the fighting, successfully not only reclaiming their own regions but managing to expand into Bolivia, taking Santa Cruz and giving themselves a healthy three provinces and counting. With more room to grow in the south and Chile's full support, Paraguay looks to be in very good shape. It's been a slow week territory-wise, and to be frank, I'm a little biased 🙂 Hiii ohime-sama o/

Week rating: 9.5/10

2 (4) Indonesia

When you have a top 5 nation running on its heels from you, that's a sign of a menacing threat. With Indonesia nipping on Croatia's heels, the Indos rushed out of their native lands and pushed the offensive, blitzing into Indian lands controlled by Croatia, forcing the southern tip back to Indian control and taking chunks of central India under occupation, even forcing Croatia to RW Indian regions away to protect their few remaining regions. Indonesia will have to NE India to finish the job, barring successful RWs in the remaining Croatian regions, which seems highly unlikely. But the Indos have done stunningly well against a formidable Balkan nation.

Week rating: 9.4/10

3 (1) Chile

Chile reclaimed a spot in the leaderboard for a second straight week. Thanks to their leadership, Argentina has been left as a hollow shell of its former self. With their own lands and Bolivian lands secured, the Chileans pushed further in, supporting Paraguay in retaking their lands and even managing to take Patagonia for a day before Argentinians reclaimed it. Furthermore, Chile held off fierce resistance by EDEN fighters falsely flying under the New Zealand flag, attempting to force control of the lone Chilean New Zealand region back to its rightful owner, despite the two nations' agreement. Chile appears on the verge of victory.

Week rating: 8.5/10

4 (NR) Estonia

Isn't this war fun? Back and forth and back and forth and all that. This week belonged to Estonia, as the Baltic nation fought back and strung together a series of solid victories against their Finnish oppressors. Thanks to those victories, Estonia has managed to regain their historic borders, pushing Finnish troops back across the waters. This war is far from over, but Estonia's success of late must inspire confidence in the troops. If Estonia can continue this run, Finland might be the one fighting in its lands. But that's a big if. Still, respect to the Estonians' success.

Week rating: 7.7/10

5 (NR) Portugal

Looks like the UK's plan backfired. What was originally intended as a surefire way to both give the Brits more paths of attack and to insure Portuguese occupation ended up releasing the Azores to Portugal, which they are happy to take off of Spain's hands. Unfortunately for Portugal, they were not able to take advantage of Spain's focus on the Philippines and capture another province, but seeing that they've been occupied for quite some time without success, any gain is monumental. Portugal now has a province to work from, and if they play their cards right, it could start the revolution.

Week rating: 7.5/10

Honorable Mentions: Sweden, Colombia


Just barely good enough: Israel, Ukraine

B5 (B2) Taiwan (ROC)

For a nation with such a large empire, it sure hasn't given much of a fight. Battling against the mighty Americans, Taiwan was expected to have much trouble holding the Yanks back, but at this point it's a completely one-sided affair. The island of Taiwan quickly fell to American forces, as Taiwan retreated behind South Korea and Japan to their colonies. With America's new sympathetic stance towards CoT, this may deter them from fully wiping the Taiwanese, but Taiwan can expect the RWs to have an extra umph from now on. Without their homeland, Taiwan has to be uneasy about their future at this point.

Week rating: 3.6/10

B4 (NR) Finland

Retreat! Retreat! Into the water! Into the water! The Finns made a full-scale retreat out of Estonia, planned or not. Now, Finland controls only their only home regions, outside of the Baltic. Without Latvia's direct contribution, Finland was supposed to knock back Estonia, or at least hold their ground. Unfortunately for the Finns, they were outmatched and outgunned by their southern rivals, and have their core five regions left but nothing else. It's certainly not too late for Finland to quickly retake Estonia, sure. After all, the battles have traditionally been fought on Estonian land. But Finland cannot get too complacent.

Week rating: 3.4/10

B3 (NR) Spain

Spain has three things to worry about. They have Portugal, always a feisty competitor; Colombia, another nation willing to fight to the last man; and the Philippines, a smaller but scrappy Asian nation. Losing a couple of RWs in Colombia is a minor loss due to Brazil being in the area to clean up, but Spain now has to deal with Portugal due to a botched British scheme to claim the Azores. Furthermore, the Philippines (of all nations, the Philippines!) was able to RW a couple of their regions, despite great efforts by the Spaniards to put them down. While none of their issues is a big deal alone, combined it may be more than just a mere headache.

Week rating: 3.1/10

B2 (B1) Argentina

In terms of home regions, Argentina didn't end up losing any. But they failed to hold down Paraguay and save themselves a front, instead letting the small nation rebuild its borders and even invade a piece of Bolivia, Argentina's merger nation. Chile didn't help matters either, stomping down Argentina's troops, and at one point making headway into Argentinian cores. While Argentina did manage to repel this attack, they've lost all of Bolivia as a result of Chile's and Paraguay's expansion. This bastion of EDEN appears to be crumbling by the minute. Without full-fledged support, an Argentinian wipe is possible.

Week rating: 2.4/10

B1 (B3) Croatia

Croatia hasn't been in the Balkans for quite some time, but they've had a sizable Oceanic Empire, as well as a mighty Indian base. Well, the base in Oceania has fallen, as Thais, Malaysians, and Indos have worked together, some more directly than others, to push Croatia back to India. And the Indos have led the charge to eradicate Croatia's Indian base as well. Luckily for Croatia, they were able to cut their losses by RWing Indian regions to protect the HQ. Nevertheless, Croatia lost many crucial battles in Indian territories, unable to stop the Indos from advancing further north. A few regions is all that's left of the massive Croatian Empire.

Week rating: 1.5/10


Welcome back: Portugal, Uruguay

Sayonara: Bolivia, Denmark, Ukraine

Other notable events:
Ireland leans Asgard
Peru regains more regions
Norway's got Germark's back 😃
2013 baby!

Japanese Music
Mainstream Music
Video Game Music

Super Driver (dubbed)

This is the god music

Recommendation: 10/10

Until next time, take care!

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Nice news, have a nice day!

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don zebosk Day 1,867, 07:55

please check music link, I am eager to listen to it but just pointing to youtube main page :3

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great article!!!! v+s

GameChanger Day 1,867, 08:16

Can I have a link to the article about Ireland going Asgard?

Also, I think Germany should be on the winners list, they've pushed Lithuania back single handedly, and saved a bad situation for Sweden

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Makatero Day 1,867, 08:35


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Vote from Portugal!

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Saludos desde eParaguay! o/

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