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Weekly Challenge And Updates To The Weekly Leaderboards (or the usual sh*t)

Day 2,162, 09:33 Published in Albania USA by Al Punk

As the eRepublik Team wants to put some additional challenge into your weeks, we are releasing Weekly Challenges. As the name suggests, each challenge lasts for a week and a new one will begin immediately after the previous one has ended.

- The first Weekly Challenge will start Tuesday, Day 2163 at 00:00 eRepublik time
- The challenges will end each Monday at 23:59:59 eRepublik time

- You gain 1 Prestige Point for every hit made in battles
- From Guerrilla Fights you gain 1 point per every 10 Energy consumed
- Rockets and Bombs count as 1 Prestige Point each, no matter how much damage they deal
- At the moment no bonus Prestige Points are given from Epic battles or for Battle Hero medals

You can use the Prestige Points to claim the following rewards:

- 150 Prestige Points -> Recover 20 Energy every 6 minutes until the end of Day 2169 (the last day of the Weekly Challenge)
- 300 Prestige Points -> 10 Strength
- 400 Prestige Points -> 1000 Storage
- 500 Prestige Points -> 20 Strength
- 600 Prestige Points -> 50% Damage Booster for 8 hours
- 800 Prestige Points -> +50 Energy Center for 7 days
- 1 000 Prestige Points -> 50% Damage Booster for 24 hours
- 2 000 Prestige Points -> 10 Energy Bars
- 3 000 Prestige Points -> 50% Damage Booster for 24 hours
- 4 000 Prestige Points -> 50 Energy Bars
- 5 000 Prestige Points -> 50 Energy Bars
- For every 1 000 more Prestige Points -> 50 Energy Bars

Remember to claim your rewards by clicking on them before Monday 23:59 eRepublik time! If you fail to do so before the Weekly Challenge is over, you will lose all the unclaimed rewards.

Updates to the Weekly Leaderboards

- The top 3 players in the damage leaderboard get a decoration to their profile page, including the winners of the current week
- A leaderboard for opponents defeated will be added
- You can compare your stats with the top 100 players of your citizenship country
- You can see the leaderboards of other countries
- You can also see statistics from past weeks

For the next week we are planning to provide leaderboards with stats related to countries and Military Units.

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Mr.Tosi Day 2,162, 09:46

and untill what dmg for hit are they planing to go 1kill 1million dmg
this is wierd
dont know hwo is runing the game but they have gone in
Total retard mode

Shqiponjat e Dukagjinit
Shqiponjat e Dukagjinit Day 2,162, 11:08


Kthetra Alb
Kthetra Alb Day 2,162, 11:13


KOSOVA ArlinDx Day 2,162, 11:17

misione , misione gjithandej plako , ekonomia spo duket gjekundi 😃

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,162, 12:26

400 Prestige Points -> 1000 Storage

Nah, not even that is worth it!

Albanian Armed Forces Day 2,163, 04:04

Comment deleted

Albanian Armed Forces
Albanian Armed Forces Day 2,163, 04:05

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