We Want to See You in Congress!

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Hello again America!

In one of the recent Speaker’s Word articles, the topic of signing up for Congress was discussed. To help you sign up for Congress, the Speaker’s office has contacted all of the Top 5 parties to inquire about their respective congressional-sign-up process.

(In order of response):

American Military Party

In order to sign up for the American Military Party’s congressional primary, you must follow the instructions located in this forum thread (located on the AMP Party forums):

Federalist Party

The Federalist Party’s application can be located here:

Additionally, their PP requested the following message be publishe😨

We are currently vetting all potential candidates. We want an energetic caucus this coming term and are trying to find the personnel to make that happen. If you want to be a part of that, please apply through our forum application page or contact me (Trekker Tlumac) directly for the application.

We The People

We The People has two links, one for new applicants:

and one for returning applicants:

Applications for WTP will be open until the 21st at which point a voting primary will occur. So get those applications in soon!

United States Worker Party

A message from their Party President:
The USWP has a long history of electing some of the most knowledgeable, hard working and committed Congressmen in our country. Our selection criteria involves forum activity, party history and for our Congressmen to be open to input and discussion about the various topics that are discussed in Congress. Congressmen many announce their candidature via a mail to the Party President (Wild Owl) or on our forums, and the PP has full discretion on setting the Congress list, we do follow the above mentioned criteria to make it fair. Newer people who've exhibited talent and stability are also encouraged to run for Congress and USWP is always looking for newer talent to bolster its ranks in Congress.

I hope that you find this information informative and you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to run for Congress this month. I’ll see you in the halls of Congress!

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