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We want a new economy module

Day 1,663, 05:05 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by Wafrey 1914


We need new economy module not new war module!






VilaVerde Day 1,663, 05:09


eLiam Day 1,663, 05:40

This honestly didn't need an article like this.

janjordy Day 1,663, 05:42

reported for spam...

rather than cry about need of new economy module, give some ideas how to change current one!

A Vegan
A Vegan Day 1,663, 06:23


Spam? This is the best article I have read in years. It is on the minds of more or less every eRep player. So why would this be spam? Strange comment..

Red Duck
Red Duck Day 1,663, 06:31

Janjordy, I would taking it as argument if this economy module would be good or we havent met with better one. But we have met! All previous economy modules were way better than current one, thhey were offering more possibilies, were more fun, more interesting, more rewarding for skills and time spending! So there is not question how improve economy module, its question to get rid of this one and take some evolution instead devolution in further changes.

armbeno Day 1,663, 08:15

@janjordy I think we have seen enough articles with ideas to improve the economic module. After a while people understand that it's pointless to give ideas because they're rarely implemented.

To be honest. We have no clue if the economic module will be affected due the military changes. I'm sure it will. Good or bad - I don't know.

Z0mbayo Day 1,663, 15:46


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