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We Should Not Go To War In North America

Day 1,846, 17:38 Published in USA USA by Antwone2012

I saw a few things about going to war in North America. This would be a really bad idea. We should always stay on their side, assuming that they don't do something drastic. eMexico and eCanada should be our friends just like in real life. It would keep all of our focus on other events, and wars. Plus the obvious of two large countries helping us, and our politicians communicating with them.

Now the reasons why it would be bad. First with eCanada they are strong enough (Ranked 33) to put up a descent fight, and we would not have everyone on board. Many eAmericans would be upset by this war, or they were previously Canadian. So we would not have the full strike force of our strong nation. It would draw damage away from true enemies and leave us vulnerable for attacks. Also it would open up a war right next door which is a bad idea as well (same goes for eMexico).

EMexico is up next which is a bad idea as well. We have had success in wars in eMexico that is true. At the same time we had a large amount of damage going towards resistance wars and drawing all of our damage towards one nation. EMexico ranked 14th could give us some struggle compared to eCanada; and as the same with eCanada some people could easily be against it. In all honesty I would fight for eUSA no matter what but that is mostly because of the True Patriot awards. Once again like eCanada that would be a war right next to us.

Any other wars could be a descent idea, but these two wars are just not worth it. We could use more wars though, because once again we don't have a place to fight. Forget setting the DO, let's have the option to set the DO.




Igor Feldman
Igor Feldman Day 1,846, 18:02

Descent arcticle.

fingerguns Day 1,847, 12:07


Stan Brown
Stan Brown Day 1,847, 18:51

Good article, voted.

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