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We Rejoiced on Yash's b'Day while India grieves on Yash's Death

Day 1,798, 00:36 Published in India Thailand by Samnorugh

Yesterday, one of my friends had his birthday celeb and we were invited their- I am chengis Khan from erep. The birthday boy's name is yash- he was in the game Yash the Chopper. He didnt liked the game so asked Chengis to delete his acc.We enjoyed a lot and when we returned home, we saw terrifying news. 😒:s

YASH HAD DIED!! But no worry! Our friend was a Rajpara(his title) while the one that died was the famous director Yash Chopra of the indian Film Industry. He was a good director but he was suffering from dengue for the past 9 days. And sadly enough, he breathed his last breathe yesterday evening.

It is strange enough, but we all have to agree that DESPITE OF SIZE, A MOSQUITO IS MIGHTIER THAN MAN, ELEPHANT AND ALL ANIMALS.

I am sure you are all sad. But we should take a lesson.

"We must not underestimate someone. Even a small and weak person can prove himself equal to a strong man. all that matters is confidence and will."

Wish you all a happy day. ( I wnt be able to play the game for 8 days from today cause, I am going on a trip)

Your serviceman



Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 1,798, 01:22

well u can work train atleast from ur cell....

RIP legend...

Wild Quark
Wild Quark Day 1,798, 01:38

Enjoy your trip o7

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