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We need your help [APPEAL]

Day 1,542, 05:01 Published in USA Serbia by Hanibal LA

Dear friends, we all know how great is the love between two brotherly nations, American and Albanian. Destiny wanted us to be allies in the game too and we are all delighted to have sincere friends with us.

Albania is a young country, it’s added on the map just recently, and from the very beginning is in a precarious position. It is surrounded from all sides by very powerful enemies, and almost all of the time it was occupied. Thanks to our soldiers and allies, Albania is back on the map and we don’t want to stand just there. Now that the Union is powerful more than ever, we also want to show power. That we are the part of that team. We don’t want only to defend ourselves, but we want to win and participate in the glorious victories of the Union.

However, it is clear that the Albanian economy is not nearly powerful as in certain countries. Our players don’t have higher quality companies, and the equipment is very difficult to reach. Of course, there is help from Union and allies, and we trying to manage all that stuff, but this is enough for a couple fighting, and then players need to fight without weapons.

We would like to invite you, Americans, and all the Allies, each of you personally, to help the Special Staff of Albania ( Albanian National Army ). We don’t have strong players such as yours, but our players have the desire and willingness to fight for their country and with the quality equipment we have a chance to compete with much more powerful enemy. Donate equipment, tanks and food, money, anything that you have too many or you don’t need more. Your little is a huge for us !

Albania is not a big country, but we have a big heart ... and great friends.

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Thank you all in the name of the SSA....

For shout:

We need your help
We need your help

AnteVK has transfered 500 ALL to your account.
Secosepi has transfered 1000 TRY to your account.
Xrix Max has transfered 1100 EEK to your account.
Alex Lawrence has transferred 500 q1 Weapons to your storage.
Unknown player has transferred 2000 q5Food to your storage.
Unknown player has transfered 3114.31 TRY to your account.
Unknown player has transfered 1005 GBP to your account.
Curogane has transferred 90 Food to your storage.
Gnilraps has transferred 100 q5 Weapons to your storage.
ishabad has transfered 200 USD to your account.
LA12 has transfered 2.9 GOLD to your account.
klop123 has transfered 1000 CAD to your account.
klop123 has transferred 300 Food to your storage.
ILLYrian.y has transferred 250 Food to your storage.



VVar0408 Day 1,542, 05:08


AnteVK Day 1,542, 05:11


Secosepi Day 1,542, 05:20

You have successfully donated 1000 TRY. This amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.
Good luck o7

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,542, 05:23

ty all !!!

And pls shout if u can 😉

HerrVodka Day 1,542, 05:52


Batoas Day 1,542, 06:05

So your helpin our government with this article really !!!???

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,542, 06:12

Yap...Hasa is informed about everything...we have a deal about this !!!

Batoas Day 1,542, 07:19

Ok thats nice 🙂

anija Day 1,542, 08:18

You can donate to my account too. xD

deershark Day 1,542, 13:31

Disclaimer: All things donated go to Pthut

klop123 Day 1,542, 13:59

Donated 300 food and 1000 CAD

hailey14 Day 1,542, 18:54


bernoldi_salieri Day 1,543, 23:34


Curogane Day 1,543, 23:40

Successfully transferred 90 item(s) to Hanibal LA.

Good luck building up neighbours!

Alex Lawrence
Alex Lawrence Day 1,543, 02:10


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Day 1,543, 06:36

ty all !!! a lot !!!!

pls shout article, its important that other see this too !!!

tnx in a name of SSA !!!

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,543, 06:54

подршка o/

Merovina Day 1,543, 07:09

History repeats it selve... Now all the Albanians going to yell BUSH! BUSH! BUSH! again... lol

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