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Day 666, 08:19 Published in USA Belgium by Kylero
From the Desk of the US Green Party President


First off, I want to thank all Green Party members who re-elected me to my second term in overwhelming fashion. This past election had the largest party voting percentage and not only the most votes cast for a candidate, but most votes in general in Green Party history. This says a lot about the USGP's membership activity, as a result of the efforts we undertook to regenerate this party! As of right now, we are only 10 members shy of 7th place in overall party rankings!

For my second term's Cabinet, many will return to their previous duties, but there are openings for Chief of Staff and Chief Recruiter. More info about these Cabinet positions can be found on our forums,

There is an issue I would like to straighten out about yesterdays PP elections. My, and perhaps yours friend, Serbdude, was running for PP of the party he created, The Zeitgeist Movement. However, there was a PP candidate, Lewis Clark, who was attempting, and succeded at PTOing the party. Now, at first glance, nothing seemed inappropriate on his part, however, on election day, his status read to the effect of, "PTOing party...changing party name and orientation". Knowing Serbdude's intentions and his efforts in gathering the necessary gold to form the party, I was concerned that Lewis Clark's status message affirmed that he was hijacking the party in order to have his own party, without working for the gold to create his own. Perhaps its the watchdog in me, but I feel that is wrong. When catching wind of this, I edited my Candidate Ad, that I funded, to read, "PTO in progress, I urge all citizens to support Serbdude". I did not send the Green Ops in for covert actions, but I did put them on High-Alert status. Support can mean many things, not only votes. Later in the evening, Lewis Clark took issue with my support of Serbdude, and attempted to defame my character by running ads stating, "Greens support Reds". It was a waste of his time and money to do such a thing, and it is deplorable. It turns out that he was able to get suspect votes and win the election, stealing the party.

Back to the USGP, I plan to continue the efforts put in place to help this party excel. The famous Green, Astra Kat G, has agreed to stay on as Financial Director, and I personally hope she runs for Congress again, she's doing our party and the eUSA proud! Also, the most recent addition to my team, Press Director Jahadyn, has agreed to stay as well, and be on the lookout for some great things coming from him in the new Official USGP paper, Little Green Apples!

My best, and as always...


US Green Party President


Jahadyn Day 666, 08:39

It will be my pleasure to serve my first full term in your Cabinet.

And let me just say that I share your distaste for everything that Lewis Clark was up to last night. I regret that I had already spent my vote earlier in the day or I would have voted in support of Serbdude. His actions and the rhetoric around them were completely dishonorable, disingenuous, and just plain mean-spirited. He is an opportunist and nothing more, all his patriotic assertions notwithstanding.

Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 666, 09:16

I'm running for Congress again, under the UIP banner, we're just not sure which state yet. 🙂

And congratulations, Party President Kylero! 😃

Sajara Lightbringer
Sajara Lightbringer Day 666, 10:11

congratulations President Kylero 😃 😃

Canni Day 666, 11:37

I had offered my support to Serbdude and had voted for him in the election under the understanding that he was being PTOed by Bogdan T, DaphneLilac had clearly secured the Lib vote, and not Lewis Clark, who late last night caught me by suprise. What were your motivations for taking the party away from Serbdude if I might ask?

Lewis Clark
Lewis Clark Day 666, 12:20

Mr. Kylero,

Congratulations on your victory.

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