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Ways of communication in eDenmark

Day 1,922, 03:52 Published in Denmark Denmark by Maine Coon

In our little country we have a couple of ways to communicate and get in touch with each other.

First of all we have a forum where you can sign up and participate in debates, talks and in general get to know the Danes.

Sadly we had a lot of problems with spambots, which have led us to a drastic step; all new accounts must be accepted and activated by an admin before use.

This means; if you create an account please send an ingame message to Maine Coon to get your account activated. Please include your accountname on forum in the message. A good advice would be to create an account with the same name as ingame erepublik. That make it easier for everyone to find and know you.

Then we have irc which can be reached by a client ( and by webchat.
We are located at Quakenet at #eDenmark and at Rizon #eDenmark, but the main channel is the one on Quakenet.

Webchat :

At irc we chat with others in The new World, and you can always find some kind of help if you have questions.

Our Union partner Germany is located on Rizon at #edeutschland and they too want you to visit if you want to.

The irc chat is a nice way to get in touch with the Danes and with all other nations in The new World. At Quakenet you find countries like Norway,Sweden and Finland, and on Rizon you will find almost any other country and the erepublik help channel #erepublik

Furthermore we all have our shouts - the friends, the military unit and the party shout. These too are good ways to communicate to people and to pass on messages in peace and war.

Last but not least, we have the news section where people with a newspaper writes articles about this and that, and everything around erepublik.

Important messages from Government will be posted in the news so keep up the reading. If you want to be reporter it is easy to create your own newspaper

It would be great if more people felt for writing something of interest for all of us, as a lively newsfeed shows a vibrant and alive country.



Sasori5 Day 1,922, 04:02

Great article : D !! Voted!

Please, all the players who don't have an account in the forum, register and introduce yourself now! :^D If you look carefully you'll find some gifts in there ; )

BadMax Day 1,922, 04:16

Greetings from Germany

Ernesto Jeon
Ernesto Jeon Day 1,922, 04:28

vote 😃 Hail Denmark!!

giladahgua Day 1,922, 04:43


theirina Day 1,922, 04:49

o7 Denmark!

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