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Way To Go America!

Day 1,741, 18:46 Published in USA USA by BrandonJ

I just want to say you screwed up how dare you.. Glove was a great president not everyone is perfect! Good luck America

Downfall begins now

So you want to impeach are president because he made a decision? I'm pretty sure when you come into office the thing to do is make decisions for your country. All Ive seen out of Glove is success nothing more!

Thank you President Glove For Everything You Have Done!



pop George
pop George Day 1,741, 18:47

Is he flipping off Ajay Bruno?

BrandonJ Day 1,741, 18:48

If you say so lol

George Griffin
George Griffin Day 1,741, 18:49

I got respect for this. Citizens of eAmerica that supported Impeachment = No life bums without jobs. FGTS!

Satyre Reynes
Satyre Reynes Day 1,743, 02:58

Those stand for 'Scout Snipers' I assume? Cuz Double-Sig Runes are pretty uncool.

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