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Day 2,071, 13:29 Published in Norway Norway by vif12vf

I was not successfull as CP or ambassador! But i know a PTO when i see it! I am very sorry to say that the leadership of my party has been infiltrated by a Belarusian PTO-er and i now ask for your help as i either want to make preassure on him to leave eNorway or want you to join my party some few days to vote for me in the next PP-election. I hope i can rely on you my brothers and sisters in this and make my party the Nordic Peacekeeper Alliance again. Please people help me 🙁

And if anyone is interessed in a list of citizenships i think theres most chance of expecting PTO-ers from then just ask and ill send it to you.

Best Regards:vif/TM
Only true leader of the former Nordic Peacekeeper Alliance now known as Sons of Anarchy NO?


WorstNightmare Day 2,071, 15:55

Comment deleted

WorstNightmare Day 2,071, 15:58

Your party sucks either way, so did your presidency. No help from me should be expected

vif12vf Day 2,071, 16:05

i know my presidency sucked but this PTO has changed my party name,picture and description!

WorstNightmare Day 2,071, 16:06

I'm kidding mate... All help available..

Kaname Darkwind
Kaname Darkwind Day 2,071, 19:04

I don't really think this qualifies as a PTO. He might have taken control of your three man party but I don't see the threat that poses, it seems like a natural transition of power.

fredrikz Day 2,072, 01:29

The word PTO sucks. Every time some comes to power is a PTO. The word is highly wrong used in erep. Should be PTO from some one we don't agree with that most likely is from another country.

Kaname Darkwind
Kaname Darkwind Day 2,072, 10:48

The problem is that the acronym is so easy to type and use. We need a new one, like HPP for Hostile Political Party or something.

vif12vf Day 2,072, 12:11

He even admits he is PTO

Stakerauo Day 2,072, 17:45

Get a printscreen of the conversation where he says he's a hostile PTO'er and we'll make sure a safe leader is put there when Sons of Anarchy reaches top 5. Not that a sixth party is good for anything

Akashaton Day 2,073, 03:58

Who actually is this "PTO'er"?

Akashaton Day 2,074, 13:14

Looks bad! 🙁

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