Warfare of the New Worlds day 1292

Day 1,292, 23:42 Published in Finland Finland by Melmis

Northern Europe + Baltic + Far Eastern Europe
Estonia has managed to conquer nearly whole Finland with the help of ABC and ONE. Only Åland and Eastern Finland are still under Finnish control. If things don't change dramatically, Estonia will capture those two regions soon. But because Finland managed to RW Western Finland (although Estonia has already taken it back) they can hold presidtial elections.

Lithuania has only 1 Russian region left. Rest of them have been RWd and then Turkey or Poland have captured them.

Poland decided to attack Russia. They have conquered Kaliningrad and Leningrad Oblast. Their war with Russia has ended because there is no border left between these two countries.

Turkey has strongly continued to beat Russia. If miracles don't happen, they will keep going until they reach the coast of Pacific Ocean.

Map of Norht-Eastern Europe.

Bulgaria is back in the map. It has already RWd 3 of its original regions.

Romania is continuing to RW its regions back from Hungary and Poland. At this very moment there are 2 active RWs.

In my last article I criticized Croatia attacking Slovenia. Now they have signed peace. I think this is very clever move. And they are already attacking Macedonia, which is even more clever move. Croatia took Apluia from Italy to gain border with Macedonia. Now it's attacking Molose, but Macedonia seems to win that battle.

The war beetween Macedonia and Greece has continued. Macedonia has kept fighting against Greeces Middle East colonies, and has captrued nearly all of them. Macedonia has not had any problems lately in this war. At this very moment Greece is trying to RW Macedonia back, and they are leading that battle 3-2.

Macedonia seems to be willing to return Greeces Middle East colonies to their original owners. Atleast there are RWs in Egypt and Saudi-Arabia, and Macedonia is clearly losing both. This is done possibly to gain new allies. Greece didin't treat Egypt too well. It was suposed to swap few regions, but then conquered the whole country.

Germany has declared Hungary as their Natural Enemy. The first battle in this war is very even. At the moment Hungary is leading it 5-4.

Balcan, Germany and Middle East.

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