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War Is Here!

Day 882, 16:22 Published in USA Canada by Haliman
Opening Rant

So, the Polish may want a war.

Now that I think about it, the Polish are not the only ones. If anyone attacks the continental eUS, we can expect more and more countries to support them. I have come up with two solutions to this growing problem.

Solution one, or the militaristic version of the plan involves one thing, and one thing only.

Just to give them our own version of war, I say, instead of the above plan, we instead go with this


If you support a more diplomatic approach to things, I offer solution two.

The Brolliance supports making a global community of peace, all while promoting the happiness of all of the member nations.

The political party in the US could always use new members. If you are interested in helping make this game a much more enjoyable, and profitable experience, please join the Brolliance!


The opening rant this time around was much larger than it usually is. This could be because one of the following reasons:

A. No one actually reads this paper 😛

B. I'm running out of other things to say.

C. The Rant is the only TRUE news story in The New World Today, as the rest of the paper are my horrible attempts at humour.

D. No one is commenting on how I can make the paper better.

The Answer!

If you answered E, all of the above, you are correct.

Dear Mr. President...

I must protest to your most recent public comments about making America a Dioist Nation. There is only one religion America will accept: Emerickismianity. Or anything that sacrifices Phoenixes everytime we go to eat dinner >😐

~A concerned Citizen


Of my news articles made already, this is by far the most preferred, and largest.

That is of course, what she said.

Really though, I must propose an ultimatum to you. If this article can get two of the following, I will add a new section next week:

*15 Votes

*5 Subscribers


I will offer a new ultimatum every article. I also have a few sections to add in mind 🙂

Don't forget to...




~Haliman out~


Keltonion Day 882, 16:36


S. Everbeck
S. Everbeck Day 882, 16:41

the holy communion: the flesh of Hungary and the blood of Russia

tibbets Day 882, 16:47


Kirbubble Smith
Kirbubble Smith Day 883, 16:16

i subscribed, #4

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