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War in Sapporo

Day 1,961, 18:31 Published in Philippines Indonesia by Roger21

The battle for Sapporo is a very destructive battle between Japan and China. Which side are you?



Mourninge Dairinge
Mourninge Dairinge Day 1,962, 03:16

I'm In For e-China because they have larger military than the EOe-J(Empire Of e-Japan) And The ROe-C
(Republic Of e-China) And Even e-Japan Has The highest Entertainment Technology..They Still are Weaker than e-China....Even China Conquered the e-Visayas Region in e-Philippines...I'm Still in for Philippines Because this is where i was born so please be loyal to e-Philippines even you're in for Socialists,Workers and/or Nazism....I'm just saying this for them..

Vincenzo Roque
Vincenzo Roque Day 1,962, 05:00

Well I am for e-China because from what I know, they are our friends. They have helped us a lot in our past.

CobraaAn Day 1,962, 10:55

That war is only a training war : )

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