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War economy

Day 1,890, 11:13 Published in Canada Canada by Kokosz Jajko


At the beginning I would like to inform you that the original version of this article was prepared before, but it unfortunately was lost. So this is an attemp to restore a masterpiece and as far we all know it's damnably difficult 😉

The events connected with British invasion on Norway and Canadian intervention gave the opportunity to observe the war impact on economy. I want to compare data from day 1880 (exactly ten days ago, when there was generally a peace and quiet) with consecutive day of strong military campaign.

Thing to notice:

- lower salary - To be honest I don't think that it was war what influenced the level of salary so strong. I rather would seek the reasons in natural fluctuations of salary, these 3 CAD are not so crucial, especially that salaries are similar in other countries, f.e. Spain.

- gold problem - no matter that we can earn less, we can still daily buy about 0,05 CAD. What happened? Gold prices went strongly down. I strongly recomend chriswen's article about Gold Prices Collapsing.

1. Food case.

War increased food consuption and made the prices higher. Sounds natural, but now it's more profitable to buy middle-qualited food (Q4). We can daily get around 1000 energy but no matter if we buy Q4 or Q2.

What else to say? Still only sheikhs can afford Q5-Q7 food.

Conclusion: Eat food and vegetables instead of going to the restaurant.

2. Guns, guns guns

Lower quality weapons seem untouched - still the cheapest when it comes to pay only for firepower bonus. But what is worth to notice is the decrease of prices of higher quality stuff. The most visible are the examples of Q6 and Q7, but from daily salary we won't get fun. Q1 fighting is too hopeless and needs a huge granary, 4 Q6 weapons are not enough to fight.

Conclusion: Find a sponsor.

3. Raw materials

Situation looks calm, but I'd like to point imho very important thing here. Food raw material price went up. Someone can say "oh, from 0,02 to 0,03, damn shame" but remember it's mass product. These change means that for the same price we are able to buy more than 200 pieces. It hurts, especially players who are forced to get raw materials from marketplace daily.

Conclusion: Invest gold in own production of raw materials. One month of SS and HW medals are not so high price of saving hundreds of CAD monthly.



stpolar Day 1,891, 04:15

Noice, Keep them info coming.

SamLeVil Day 1,891, 06:29

Good article

35 G RM Industries are now less expensive than the 8500 CAD ones, relatively.

Kokosz Jajko
Kokosz Jajko Day 1,891, 08:52

True. The fact is that if we want to buy food raw materials industry for 3000 CAD from salary savings, we should wait half year! Thats 6 HW medals, 30 gold, almost hunting lodge with 3,5x daily production bigger.

chriswen Day 1,891, 10:51

Lol, did you post the article but you were logged out? I feel your pain.

Your article gives me the idea of writing about turnover times.

chriswen Day 1,891, 10:53

Actually the best investment would be in strength training facilities during 50% off offers.

chriswen Day 1,891, 10:57

Thanks for mentioning my article! XD Yeah overall we've been seeing a state of recession. WRM dropping. And weapon prices dropping. One reason why Q1 food is higher is because people like me can buy and sell it for profit. The government takes 80% of my profit usually so I'm basically working for the government. If the government lowers taxes a bit they'll make more money because I'll be able to do arbitrage on more food. The price will be slightly higher which means the government will also make more money in general and also company owners will be able to take more money. And arbitrage people will be able to add liquidity to the market. Make sure price doesn't get too high and let company owners get quick money.

Kokosz Jajko
Kokosz Jajko Day 1,892, 00:48

Yes, that's true, but I don't expect any changes soon. The fact is that any industries are just for self-sufficency. Food is barely worth as many as used rw, to gain sth from weapons you have to produce at least Q5-Q6.

And when the daily salaries are 15-20 CAD, what can low level people do? 2 click and wait for medals.

"Actually the best investment would be in strength training facilities during 50% off offers."

True. True True True. But isn't it sad? Erep gives a great opportunity to simulate nice global economic system. Todays all seems as stopgap.

'Lol, did you post the article but you were logged out? I feel your pain."

Yeah 🙂 Usually I log in i other page and then post article. Then I was so excited that I forgot 😶

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