WAR: Battle for India Has begun!!!!

Day 454, 07:17 Published in USA USA by Daks

I am reporting live from India.

Tamil Nadu Battlefront

At 6:41 PST - The first battle between India and Indonesia has began...

The First Hour - The Indonesians have tanked the region plunging it to the underground. -20,000 nearing -30,000 here in the early stages. And doesn't look like they will stop here.

Hour Two - They have reached the -30,000 mark in the first few minutes. And at this rate they will reach -40,000 in the hour.

Hour Three - They have reached the -40,000 mark. This is certainly an impressive showing thus far. An no signs to letting up thus far.

Hour Four - It appears that most of the major fighting has subsided and and the damage seems to have stalled at -48,000, for the time being.10 minutes till the fifth hour and by the looks of it they might just squeak out to -50,000. So far though they have done well over -50,000 damage.

Hour Five - The battle has finally subsided with -55,000 at the wall. Best estimates place Indonesian damage at well over -70,00. Region is loss to India but Indian officials say they never planned to keep the region in the early stages of this war. Officials are waiting until all of it's MPP's so that is has plenty of support if Indonesian continues it's assault to further India regions.Without Atlantis support Indian could not stand a chance against to stay a free nation when Indo Juggernaut comes to play.


Yet the USA is not listed as an ally....
So the majority of America will sit this one out.
So get ready in the next day or so for battle, hopefully.
Let's hope they don't just fight this one and then stop.
That would be such BS.

Keep checking back for more up dates from the front.