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Wake up еNorwegians

Day 2,634, 00:29 Published in Norway Norway by Furious Tank

I don't want to be a CP of Norway. This position is for Writers not for Fighters 😃.

Liber8 is Akashaton's party. A few months ago I ran for President because a "thief". I have more experience from him: Result 1:1 => I'm the winner. This time I'm confused buttons "Run for president".

If you still vote for me, my first action will be impeachment!

Wake up еNorwegians 😃
Next month we need new guys in politics.



noenting Day 2,634, 02:50

Actually, I am pretty sure, you would publish less shitstorms then the last two presidents...

Silistra Day 2,634, 05:02

Стига ги буди, ами ела се върни в България.

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Day 2,634, 12:40

Too late, I had already voted for you. 😛

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