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Day 1,848, 22:19 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan
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This article is my attempt to reach those of you who are either totally against our party and our cause, and those of you who are unsure of where you stand. I am asking you to wake up and realize the truth. Don’t pay any attention to the trolling that is sure to follow in the comments below. I only ask that you be willing to hear me out, and consider what it is I have to say to you. Our party is not a “national security threat”, or an enemy of America. On the contrary, it is the very epitome of what it means to be an American. I have lived my whole life and elife trying to do what I feel to be right. Like any other human being, I am not perfect, but the core of the message I am bringing to you is both sound and true. I honestly believe it, and I hope you will too.

Some of you have known about me for years, others are newer to the game and just go based off of scary campfire stories that are told. Like any legend, the details are seriously distorted, and most of what you hear is either exaggeration or complete fabrication. I have never done anything but respond to things that are done to me and my friends. If real life is not supposed to be brought into this game, then why was it that for the first year I was in eRepublik the only excuses were that I was very assertive with my Christian and conservative views on IRC? How exactly does this endanger the eUSA other than some people not liking me for unrelated issues? They punished hundreds of other players in the process who simply wanted to have their own party and happened to want to be my friend. Ganging up on people with different views is NOT American at all, in fact, it goes against the value of tolerance which has been cherished in our nation since the founding of the Republic. What does this say about our country when people are persecuted and harassed because of who they are and what they believe? It is simply not right.

Now we come to the situation that we find ourselves in modern times, where people are not only persecuted for their beliefs on an unparalleled level which includes even politicizing the military, but people are encouraged to not befriend those who happen to belong to a member of a political party that those in power don’t like, and are blacklisted if they do so. This so-called “Homeland Security” Department is led by an individual who is a former leader that commanded near universal obedience from the INCI group that held the USA hostage for nearly two years. Additionally, he denies the horrendous crimes committed against the Armenian people in Anatolia, something which is accepted on a basically universal level by scholars all over the civilized world. So think about this for a second, apparently this is okay, but my beliefs are not. Does that make any sense to anyone? In fact, he even finds it funny when you mention this. If ANYTHING should offend us, it is someone like this who has views which contradict historical fact beyond the pale of reason.

The main issue they point to now is the immigration one. There was a time where we struggled to get any immigrants in at all, and they STILL PTO’d us even when we consisted overwhelmingly of people born in the eUSA/RL USA. I hope you can see that either way, whether we approve zero immigrants, or the whole world, those who are in power simply do not want to play this game with me or anyone who would call themselves a friend of mine. Those who get to know me can attest to the fact that I am not the villain that I am made out to be by others. Further, is America not a nation of immigrants? So many of these people have either abandoned their foreign MU’s, or they fight for US military and strategic interests, even though they are persecuted by government supported military units. They don’t go through the “accepted” channels because they are run by corrupt people who would deny all but a few people that are vouched for by the same people who don’t like us to begin with.

We have tried to offer compromise and to build bridges, and they simply are not interested in anything but wiping us out. We did not ask for this war, but we are on the right side. Come on folks. Think about what the Founding Fathers would do in a situation like this. If they cared about what happened in eRepublik, they would be appalled at what our country is becoming. The members of the AFA are good people. They are my friends. They are honest and honorable. They don’t deserve this sort of treatment, and they would be more than happy to be your friends too. There is no conspiracy, no plan to steal America’s treasury and send it off to Serbia, or Romania, or Genovia. There is no plan to steal America from “real” Americans. We simply want an end to the hate. You see, in the AFA we don’t see the genetic markers in someones DNA, or the nationality on their passport. We simply see people, and we judge them on their qualities as human beings and as honorable players. There really is nothing else to it. If you don’t believe me, there is probably nothing more I can say to really convince you, but I am comforted by knowing that I have been truthful in this article, and I hope that still counts for something. Wake up America.

American Patriot
Ronald Gipper Reagan
AFA Party President
AED Commander



Sir Gulden Draak
Sir Gulden Draak Day 1,848, 22:25

Don't you have some women to stalk or something?

evanvsyou Day 1,848, 22:27

Hail AFA o/

Obama.Putin Day 1,848, 22:36


Gnilraps Day 1,848, 22:57


Longbaugh Day 1,848, 22:58

How many members of your party have ZERO True Patriot awards as United States citizens?

How many haven't even fought for America since becoming citizens?

Talostastic Day 1,849, 23:05

Good thing I stopped reading halfway through the first paragraph and just scanned through instead, otherwise I'd never have found this gem.

"We simply see people, and we judge them on their qualities as human beings and as honorable players."
Obvious lies, since they tolerate you. Even Hanibal LA said he doesn't care what you do as long as you build the AFA's power. No honor, no care about who the human being is, just that you vote for the AFA.

Keep importing your power.

Fail AFA.

Stef40 Day 1,849, 23:19


morpheus666 Day 1,849, 23:59

too much spam; no vote!

Viarizi Day 1,849, 00:04

Wake up America!

K1tho Day 1,849, 00:10


Cagibb Day 1,849, 00:16

Awake and not drugged enough to believe this crap. Nation of immigrants sure,,,but we don't invite enemies of the country to be citizens in order to bolster our own power. That is the equivalence of inviting some members of Al Qaeda to join us here in the US.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,849, 00:22

^ They put out damage for the eUSA because they are in American MU's... this describes a HUGE percentage of our members.

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,849, 00:42


icekamikaza Day 1,849, 01:27


Boy of Destiny
Boy of Destiny Day 1,849, 01:43

Psycho. It's a game. There is no tyranny. There is only your ambition to sell out your country to foreigners to get power. You are Quisling.

DariusReg Day 1,849, 02:14

Fail AFA

Zeng999 Day 1,849, 02:44


Daz840 Day 1,849, 02:50

out of an assholes mouth comes shit.

PigInZen Day 1,849, 03:33


iP5ych0 Day 1,849, 04:26


Kled Day 1,849, 04:26


gman66 Day 1,849, 04:27

Even more bullshit has been spewed. Fail AFA.

Brandon Brugsford
Brandon Brugsford Day 1,849, 05:53


Deepchill Day 1,849, 06:40


morningblur Day 1,849, 07:03

RGR, America is awake. The fact you and the AFA keep being beaten back each month shows that Americans are awake. What you really meant was you need more foreigners to wake up and join you, which for your purposes you would have done better had you published this in Servia or Hungry. You see by publishing here you are missing your target audience. The AFA is not an American party it is a forign PTO party. And Ajay I have never experienced any persecution on here for being conservative.

morningblur Day 1,849, 07:09

You and a lot of people these days are quick to jump up and say "we are persecuted" when it's simply not true. Just because someone disagrees with you Ajay does not mean you are persecuted. Here's the thing Ajay when you grow up and join the other adults in the real world you will understand that there are other viewpoints out there, and people might have different ideas than you. Debate on differences is good, it leads to compromises that are usually better than the original idea.

ilphen Day 1,849, 07:39


Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Day 1,849, 07:50

morningblur FTW!!! Well said!!!

Paul Barratt
Paul Barratt Day 1,849, 07:57


bigcdizzle Day 1,849, 07:59

Psycho. It's a game. There is no tyranny. There is only your ambition to sell out your country to foreigners to get power. x2

fingerguns Day 1,849, 07:59

Desperation suits you.

Tacitus Arkenseale
Tacitus Arkenseale Day 1,849, 08:05

Psycho. It's a game. There is no tyranny. There is only your ambition to sell out your country to foreigners to get power. x3

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Day 1,849, 08:09

Ajay (aka RGR) is a liar and a cheater. He has had multiple accounts banned. And this article is just more of his BS.

joshua tucker
joshua tucker Day 1,849, 08:52

Ajay, if you don't like how people treat you in this game... go play a different game? I hear Farmville fits into your conservative christian values. Plus after handling so much bullshit (from the dairy cows and whatnot), you'll know how we feel when you post articles. 😛

logamac Day 1,849, 09:23

"Our party is not a national security threat"

You accept every immigrant into the country without looking over them....

Yeah no danger at all.

Thedillpickl Day 1,849, 09:31


Rona1d Day 1,849, 09:44


LordRahl2 Day 1,849, 10:30

Sadly Ajay's (RGR) actions speak far louder than his words. Ajay actively suppresses the freedom of speech and the freedom to vote. This is consistent and un-American behavior. If he has yet to do so to you then you have not yet gone against his elitist wishes. That is right America Ajay is an elitist; by his very own definition.

I speak now to the current members of the AFA. If you really want to experience the freedoms that America embodies then OPPOSE RGR and his elitist friends.

Iamnameless Day 1,849, 10:32

Wake me if this dullard ever writes anything interesting.

RockFan Day 1,849, 11:15

It makes me wonder what would happen if RGR ever did take over the government of this country. It sounds like a coup d'etat to me.

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Day 1,849, 11:32

The hatred continues to spew, yet the AFA maintains its momentum. No matter how big the victories or accomplishments of the AFA, people will find some way to spin it and to personally attack Ajay.

At some point maybe it'd be wise to treat him like a human being and not a pariah. How many of you have taken the time to speak to him and get to know him a little bit?

EnterAwesome Day 1,849, 11:39

I don't support RGR and you shouldn't either!

LordRahl2 Day 1,849, 12:02

Well lets have it CK. I got to know him. So, now, respond to my accusation. Shockingly I debate in the open. Ajay hides behind his IRC and Forum blocks.

So lets have it. Why does the AFA suppress the right to vote? Why does the AFA suppress free speech Capitan K?

One Sky
One Sky Day 1,849, 12:03

Fail AFA

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,849, 12:30

'Debate on differences is good, it leads to compromises that are usually better than the original idea.'

I challenge every party in the Top 5 to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that they have no foreign members.

Iamnameless Day 1,849, 12:41

Foreigners are not a problem.

Anti-eUSA players and actions, now there's a problem.

Syz2 Day 1,849, 12:44

"he members of the AFA are good people. They are my friends. They are honest and honorable."
If AFA is honest an honorable why does it use PTO tactics like making fake parties to make people accidentally vote for them in Presidential elections?

RGR simply wants power for himself, to quote him ""^ I am going to be CP. You are going to either let me.. or I am going to make you. I have been waiting for 3 1/2 years." He doesn't care about any Americans here.

Wake up RGR, embrace reality.

Sgt. Flatt
Sgt. Flatt Day 1,849, 12:50

Rgr you claim to be a conservative but alot of the things you say sound more liberal than most liberals on this game.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,849, 14:47

Actually, the other parties have lots of foreigners...... they just think those are fine since they are pro-them.

Geralt The Great
Geralt The Great Day 1,849, 14:51


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