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Day 1,899, 08:56 Published in Slovenia Slovenia by worlock21

Day of Uprising: April 27

Day of Uprising is a public holiday in Slovenia.

The Day of Uprising or Resistance Day (Slovenia, dan upora proti okupatorju) is a holiday in Slovenia to commemorate the establishment of Slovenia’s Liberation Front to fight the occupying forces of nearby European countries such as the Germany, Italy, and Hungary.

The holiday is celebrated on the 27th of April every year. It is formerly known as Liberation Front Day and a considered a work-free day.

History of Slovenia’s Day of Uprising

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, saw the birth of Liberation Front of the Slovenian People or the Anti-Imperialist Front on April 26, 1941 that was created to free the Slovenians from foreign occupation. This massive movement is driven by the some of the most notable Slovenians writers and literary critics during the protest such as Ferdo Kozakand and Josip Vidmar; the Communist Party of Slovenia, the dissident or breakaway group of Slovene Sokols, and some Christian Socialists.

A quick civil war broke out in Spring of 1942 between the Liberation Front of the Slovenian People and the Slovene Home Guard which are anti-communist militia in the province of Ljubljana sponsored by the Axis powers. The former took over some portions of territories in Slovenia and contributed, to a large extend, the fall of Nazi Germany, and partly, the fascist Italy.

The Liberation Front of the Slovenian People was renamed Socialist Alliance of the Working People of Slovenia at the wake of the Second World War.

Slovenia’s Day of Uprising: Traditions, Customs and Activities

During the holiday, events such as public speeches from surviving Slovenian guerillas and political groups gather at the Monument of Freedom, created by Jakob Savinek (1922-1961) to commemorate this momentous event which liberated the country from foreign rule during World War II.

Speeches signify stories about how Slovenes were united during the occupation and how the establishment of liberation army helped Slovenia gain its independence from the three occupying European powers.



Hervard Luc
Hervard Luc Day 1,899, 09:14

The last year of resistance was 1991...

worlock21 Day 1,899, 09:19

Same year that I was born 🙂

Hervard Luc
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