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Vox Pupuli - Party President Candidate BrandonJ.

Day 1,817, 16:48 Published in USA USA by BrandonJ

Vox Members,

As you can see I'm running for Party President in our great party Vox Pupuli. I need your vote to succeed. You might be thinking to yourself why does he care Vox is a 3d party, being Party President is really pointless well that is my point my number 1# goal as party president is to increase our numbers as a party.

What will you do exactly as our Party President?

Well first off i believe we should start by getting a new logo and a system were we can all vote on the perfect 1 for Vox. I think a new logo that really catches peoples eyes and would get more people to actually look and even join.

Another way to increase our numbers would be propaganda and getting the people to realize who and what we are. Part of the reason we don't have that many members might be the fact that we look like a foreign party such as the inca looking to (PTO) the United States.

Who Will Be Helping Me!

Vice President - Biyombo
Secretary General - Malovent
Councillor - Open
Spokesman - Open

We have work to do but i really hope to see Vox in the top 5 i think it would be a long shot but anything is possible so i really wish to have your vote in these election this 15th.

Thanks for reading!


Vox Populi Party President candidate.


Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Day 1,817, 17:21

Luck. Andrew gonna need it. See what I did there?

Malovent Day 1,817, 18:43

You have my vote!

Biyombo Day 1,818, 18:56

You have my vote

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Day 1,819, 04:37

Weren't the Inca here first?

John William Connor
John William Connor Day 1,822, 06:00

He's talking about Inci... They are no PTO's

710583 Day 1,831, 12:28

Vote 710583 for party president

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