Vote TRS - Reject the Coalition

Day 5,941, 09:39 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Liberak

Vote The Revolutionary Society - Reject the Coalition

The coalition has been the home of petty politics and the removal of transparency within the eUK. Their position is no longer tenable, it is clear now that this is for the personal gain of power and not to represent you as the electorate. Ask yourself why there is no longer a cabinet or why the Reform Party (a right wing party) has a coalition with the Workers' Rights Party (a left wing party), the only logical conclusion is that these parties have been corrupted by power and must hold onto it by any means.

The Revolutionary Society are the party for the new and old, wanting to revitalise the eUK and provide the electorate with a legitimate choice that will not submit to power and abandon our ideas. After my recent article, many of those members that will represent you in the coalition simply refused to read it and passed it off as a new player being ignorant. However, the TRS have rejected the status quo, why should we maintain something that does not work for all citizens?

We hope to destroy the coalition, as the largest party it is clear that the electorate want us to lead but they cannot let the majority rule. New citizens should be able to partake in politics but with the presence of these secretive parties this is not possible, they are out of ideas and fatigued. In order to achieve these goals the TRS must have a strong majority and this is only possible if you lend your vote to us, do not vote for the parties that refuse to represent you and cannot be held accountable.