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Day 1,892, 05:24 Published in USA USA by Drew Blood

A new movement is afoot, modeled after the Roman Empire; which proclaims they wish to include ALL citizens. However what they really mean is only the citizens who support their cause; not the ones who speak out and ask questions.

Recently on the eUS Forums I ask the SPQR leadership some tough questions, none of which received an answer; so let me ask them again. Serendipitous started a thread on the eUS Forum titled SPQR - NOW AND FOREVER discussing the movement, now I had seen that thread and had remained silent until I was mentioned by Civil Anarchy; to which I responded with this -which has been trashed.

Does SPQR allow ALL citizens to respond on the eUS Forums or just the ‘Flufferist’?

Israel Stevens, the biggest failure in the ‘Flufferist’ line of hand picked Presidents, in his article [SPQR] Glory to Nova Roma! - Vote Fingerguns!, IMO lays it out for America in very plain language.

‘We have been held down by the yoke of EDEN and TWO, and by our own inability to unify. Under the leadership of Publius, there will be no choice. Unite, or perish. All who oppose the will of the DICTATOR, shall be put to death as is his will. We live in a time where there is no room for error. Everytime we slip up, or squabble amongst ourselves, the PTO grows a little bit stronger. America had it’s chance to beat the PTO on their own terms. Now we will do it on Nova Roma’s terms.’

Never mind that until President Fingerguns the ATO operations were not Nationalized, never mind that until now they were conducted solely by the ‘Flufferist’ for the ‘Flufferist, never mind that it was THEIR failure to beat the AFA that brought us to this abyss.

I think it is blatantly obvious by their actions on the eUS Forms and by the above statements from a SPQR leader and former President that they do not wish to include ALL citizens. Only if you agree with them and are willing to blindly follow a ‘personality cult’ will you be allowed to express your their opinion.

Once again quoting former President Israel Stevens once more, it is pretty plain to all that unless a citizen tows the ‘Flufferist’ line when in Congress they will:

‘Even as you read this, the Senate is being taken over. No longer will it be an empty building filled with the mindless congressmen selected by parties. In the new American Empire, the Senate will rule supreme. Any Senator that does not swear loyalty, shall be put to death.

While again blaming American citizens for their failures he makes it very clear Americans have no choice; join or die. SPQR is simply another ‘personality cult’ like the ‘Flufferist’ one which brought us here, led by or at least influenced by the same a@@ clown who throws a tantrum on IRC when he doesn’t get his way, a troll who cheats while pointing to other citizens he claims does the same thing; these statements by a former President sound down right exclusionary and threatening to me.

If citizens are excluded, censored and threatened by SPQR leadership on the eUS Forum, how is the SPQR movement different than the current ‘Fanatic Flufferist Faction’?

It was announced several days ago by President fingerguns in her article titled [PotUS] CoT and ATO that America has become a trial member of the Circle of Trust (CoT) alliance. An alliance which most Americans have been against because it has many TWO leaning countries. An alliance which I stand against based solely on the member countries MPP stacks, but more accurately I stand against any ‘meta alliance’.

At what point did Congress stop listening to the American citizens who put them in office?

Fhaemita Malodorous a stalwart ‘Flufferist’ commented on my previous article,

‘Really same thing every article you write, bitching about Pfeiffer and "Flufferist"

No vote’

I asked these same questions in my previous article, pointing out that if ‘Fluffer’ has wormed or blackmailed his way into a SPQR leadership position then this new ‘meta game’ is simply another attempt by the ‘Flufferist’ to retain power.

This ‘Flufferist Apologist’ made no attempt whatsoever to answer any of the questions, instead he choose to run to the defense of his master ‘Fluffer’, who has openly admitted that he cheats; while implicating another 'Flufferist' citizen in the same breath.

As Fhaemita and the rest of the ‘Fanatic Flufferist Faction’ defend the indefensible and claim that ‘The Gimper’ is Enemy #1 because he cheats, keep in mind that they condone a douche bag who does exactly the same thing.

In his article In pursuit of Happiness, Wingfield ask many other questions, pointing out that America has been forced into a one party system by the 'Flufferist' even though game mechanics provides for a 5 party system.

It is pretty plain to me that some of the SPQR Leadership wish to exclude citizens who speak out and ask questions, plain to see that instead of taking responsibility for their mistakes the ‘Flufferist’ once again blame American citizens; never mind that America has united during every election.

There is already a party -We The People- who has democratized the Congressional Selection Process, a process also used by the AMP; tomorrow I encourage Americans to join the WTP and help us create a voter bloc which believes in including ALL citizens.

Tomorrow America has the chance to show the SPQR movement that America is tired of the immature trolling cheaters of the ‘Fanatic Flufferist Faction’, tomorrow before you vote check the Congressional Candidate List for each party and vote for the party with the least amount of ‘Flufferist’ listed; the party which represents your own views.

I encourage citizens to read all the articles included in the forum thread started by Serendipitous, to think for themselves and decide if you wish to continue to be led by citizens who demand you ’join or die,’, leaders who censor anyone who ask questions or point out that their leader is as guilty of cheating as ‘The Gimper’, leaders who will exclude all who oppose the will of the DICTATOR.


'What we do in life echoes in eternity. Strength and honor.'
Maximus Decimus Meridius

Order of the Black Shamrock
Corporal, 7th Fighter Wing
'Green Lantern Flight'
Unites States Air Force



fingerguns Day 1,892, 06:20


You're not even trying anymore.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,892, 06:55

...and you have still not answered even one of the above question.

Why is that?

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Day 1,892, 08:44

I'm a stalwart ‘Flufferist’ and a Flufferist Apologist according to you, just shows how much you know. I left USWP because of Pfeiffer. You really need some new material because the same old anti Pfeiffer material is way over date.

I wasn't defending Pfeiffer, I am just tired of the same old nonsense you are posting in your article. But anybody who does not agree with you is immediately a Flufferist. You see things black and white or if you don't agree with you, you're a ‘Flufferist’.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,892, 08:47

Voting for WTP

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,892, 10:42

Quoting a fictitious General from a movie that takes place over a century after the Republic fell.....

wingfield Day 1,892, 16:44

I am in the WTP and voting for it tomorrow because Mazzy Cat gave the members of the party a say in selecting our candidates.

When I ask questions in an article, I do not like to be accused of treason. I want answers. The central question is: How long must we wait for a restoration of democracy in the eUS?

Marsylianka Day 1,892, 16:51

Comment deleted

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 1,893, 04:03

Guess what...America is tired of him also, the SPQR movement has proclaimed that they are not just another 'Flufferist' power grab; yet have given him at least an advisory position. If SPQR is not just another power grab than why give him any position all, what is it he has that makes him so powerful; he must have pictures of everyone doing a ewe....

Viarizi Day 1,894, 03:09

Vote ME just because!

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