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Vote Libertas / Stemmen Libertas

Day 2,196, 12:06 Published in Netherlands Poland by GEN. DE LA REY

At Libertas we stand for the 9 f’s.

Fun/ Leuk

Freedom/ Vrijheid

Free Food/ Gratis Eten

Free Weapons/ Gratis Wapens

Free Training/ Gratis Training

Free Newspapers/ Gratis Kranten

Free Coaching/ Gratis Coaching

Financial Reporting/ Financiële Verslaglegging

F ..k Strontland



TheGeneralDutch Day 2,196, 12:25

just a silly question but.... , what do you mean by F..k strontland?

2.D.G Day 2,196, 13:16


2.D.G Day 2,196, 13:16

Comment deleted

Garmr Day 2,198, 10:27

Some quality pictures right there

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