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Vote hard! Vote for lazo!

Day 1,841, 14:23 Published in Austria Hungary by lazo

The end of the World is coming. But not now, if you vote for me! I guarantee that in this December won't come the end of the World. In 2013 maybe... But not now! You just need to vote for me, and you'll see!

Training wars, active media, beer, nice girls, eternal life, big parties with big party members (and others), and no end of the world!

Just vote for me!

Don't forget! For me!

Vote for lazo, vote for the eternal life!



Rik Daphnee
Rik Daphnee Day 1,841, 14:43

Fully support o/

Schwrzwolf Day 1,841, 15:12

OEBernd's beard knows more about beer and nice girls than anyone else here in eAustria. I hear he's a candidate too...

Kikericsy Day 1,841, 15:14

go go go

Rajk Laszlo
Rajk Laszlo Day 1,841, 16:06

hajrá : D

Tabitha Maganti
Tabitha Maganti Day 1,842, 00:26

Too long didnt read


Rangeley Day 1,842, 07:31

Good luck!

Vreath Day 1,842, 07:41

Good luck! Seems you are behind in votes but I can say in the name of OEBernd that you would be a good member in our government : )

lopa89 Day 1,842, 10:06


Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Day 1,843, 23:34


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