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Vote for Prince Terence II

Day 704, 03:58 Published in Philippines Philippines by Prince Terence II


I'm Prince Terence II. People used to know me as Prince Terence I, but I was banned by the admins.

Fortunately, I'm back! And it is my first time to run as Prince Terence II. During my Prince Terence I days, I held the Foreign Affairs Directorship once, been an ambassador for a lots of times, elected as the Party President of PFF for four times, and held the Congress seat for five times.

Also, I have been the die hard editor of the Wiki Articles related to the Philippines.

As a candidate for the Congress Elections tomorrow, I would like to ask your support. Please vote for me. Prince Terence II of the Philippines for the Filipinos (PFF) for Palawan.

Thank you.



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