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Vote for me in party elections

Day 2,248, 02:47 Published in Pakistan Pakistan by TAHA AHMED

Plz vote for me in party elections.
1)I made the wiki wiki page of PTI on the official wiki of Erepublik
2)I fight very hard for Pakistan and always use small bombs or weapons like these.
3)I will always consider any complains or suggestions
4)I will try very hard to make you comfortable
5)I will always take advice from members of the party before making major decisions like candidates for CP and congress election
6)I will try my best to make PTI grow
7)I will be very active for the party purposes
8)I will make an article for the party's congress candidates with their names and achievements and a description like Faris Khawaja did
9)I will always respect party members
10)I will fight harder for Pakistan

You just have to vote me plz.


Thank you

Taha Ahmed



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