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Vote Bradley Reala in Tennessee!

Day 673, 10:04 Published in USA USA by Bradley Reala
Vote Bradley Reala in Tennessee, September 25th, 2009!

It's been a long and winding road to where I am now on my campaign trail. For a while I thought I was simply going to have to give up and go home, especially when the state I had been planning to run in was taken by the French. A lot of things all came together at the same time, though, (most importantly, an incredible group of friends) and I was able to make this happen. I'm very pleased to announce that I will be running to be elected Congressman of Tennessee!

So why am I qualified?

My qualifications stem from years of political experience in a game called NationStates, which doesn't quite translate to eRepublik, but it has been an incredible boost to me to call upon that experienced. As an example of my experience, I led a region of approximately 100 members, 20 of whom were regularly active, as Prime Minister. The political and legal experience I've gained from that game has been indispensable in my transition to eLife.

Since coming to eRepublik I've become an active and experienced member of the eUS community. I followed DoD orders from the first day I could fight, and I was a part of the group that went to Colombia and helped start the Resistance Wars that finally got the Colombians out of our fair country. Currently I'm Deputy Director of the Citizen Task Force, and from working with the CTF I've learned not only to work in a group, but also to lead that group. I've been around forums since my days in NationStates, and I know my way around the eUS forums already.

I know my limits, and I will defer to an older and more experienced member rather than forming an unsupported opinion on my own. I will strive to educate myself on the systems in place, and will work to improve them in whatever way I can.

What do I stand for?

A lot of people say that political issues are dead, and that campaigning is a crock nowadays. I disagree. While I do not believe that real life political issues need to be debated here, I do believe that there are always ways to push the boundaries of what the eUS can do.

To begin with, I am in complete support of defeating Russian and then Hungary. America deserves no less than all 51 of her regions to be under American control. We owe it to the kids in the occupied countries to rescue them from our enemies. I believe that we owe our allies now, and we should also help them to retake their territories as well. We wouldn't be here without our allies, and we owe it to them to not end the war when our fight is over. That being said, after this entire war is over and done with, I believe that war should be used only as a defensive measure. Training wars are fine in my opinion, but we'll only be opening a can of worms by invading other countries. Freeing the nations of the world from Peace tyranny, ONLY when they ask for our help, should be our prime goal in the field of battle.

I believe that the economic system of the eUSA is as good as it gets. I am not experienced enough to say this for myself, and in this case I am deferring to my older and more experienced counterparts. That being said, I will do my best to learn the economic system for myself and I will either confirm or change my stance on this once I have gained the experience necessary. I'm not afraid to change my stance if I was wrong, but I will not waffle on issues.

I believe that the eUS's social programs are one of it's biggest boons. I will push to support programs like Meals on Wheels and the Flying Unicorn Squadron, and I would like to see more programs like Habitat for Humanity. Helping our new players is very important to me. That being said, I do not believe we do enough to outreach to our new players. If elected I will push for a nationwide outreach program under the state department, but I will also work on my own outreach program regardless. I will make sure that the young players in Tennessee know what they are doing, and I hope to make Tennessee an example of how to run an efficient and successful outreach program.

I got by with a little help from my friends!

I alluded to this in my opening, but to be perfectly honest this campaign has not been an easy one. For a while it looked like I was simply going to have to give up, but due to encouragement and help from a lot of my friends I've managed to pull through. I'd like to name a few people who have really helped me in this campaign, but honestly I know I'll forget someone and I hate forgetting people when they also deserve my thanks. In order to cover all the bases, I'll just say that you all know who you are, and you people are saints for the help and encouragement you've given me. Thank you all so much!

Big thanks to R3dko on the banner!


Astra Kat G
Astra Kat G Day 673, 10:11

Woot, go Bradley. 😃

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 673, 10:56

NationStates? What's that? Just kidding. I also play(ed) NS but this game is so much better.

What state were you running in? I was in DC first but now in New Mexico. WHat a grueling few days - heh

Resistance War veteran? Man, if I was in Tennessee, you would DEFINITELY have my vote!

Good luck tomorrow!

JUDE'S JOURNAL: <a href="" target="_blank">[..]353/1</a>

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Day 673, 10:56

BTW... Voted and Subbed!

Aaron McNab
Aaron McNab Day 673, 10:58

Good luck dude!

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 673, 13:37

Thanks all!

Lawliet94 Day 673, 14:00

Best of luck to you! I've no doubt you'll be elected!

johnpauljones Day 673, 15:01

not a bad first platform v + S

Mike Schmittson
Mike Schmittson Day 673, 15:17

Voted, and I was already subscribed. Good luck, Bradley! Don't try to get funds (heh). Go Libs!

Joe DaSmoe
Joe DaSmoe Day 673, 16:54

Good luck on your run, you would be a good citizen to have in Congress.

Regis Jerome
Regis Jerome Day 674, 11:04

Hey good luck to you Bradley Reala.

Jewitt Day 674, 14:15

Reala, as former TN Congressman, I must say - good luck and you have a solid platform.

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Day 674, 21:05


A comment from the Vice President? It is an honor, sir, to be running in such a distinguished state.

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