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Day 548, 07:24 Published in Ireland Ireland by binksy

To whom it may concern
I am running for re-election

My reasons for doing so are very simple:I feel that I served well in that i only did what i thought was good for Ireland whether I agreed or not

As before if you choose to elect me you will be choosing to have a voice as if elected I will be there to serve the people and Ireland and not myself

Also it is for the reasons above that i will not be giving my views on the usual issues(or any for that matter)
As I feel it is the views of those who vote for me that matter and not my own

With that I thank you for your time
Hope for your vote

kindest regards



Eamonn DeValera
Eamonn DeValera Day 548, 10:22

Good article, honest and straight to the point, no waffling!
Best of luck!

binksy Day 548, 10:28

thanks man

Nogin the nog
Nogin the nog Day 551, 16:39

well said

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