Vote Binda33 for Senate in Victoria please

Day 821, 05:12 Published in Australia Australia by Binda33
Running for Senate again.

Many of you know me. You know that I am an active player here, on forums and on IRC.

I am an AMP Senator currently, serving my Fifth term. I have served my four previous terms under ANP but left them to join the Australian Military Party.

I am currently the Australian Commando Unit Koalas (ACUK) Marshal and have been for over five months now. It's gone so quickly, I still remember pleading with the MoD to help him out in some way and getting roped in to help with various chores. I recommend that approach to all people who want to advance but don't know how to apply for a position. 😉

I've been in Cabinet three times. I'd love to do this more but lately the CP's don't want Marshals involved in both duties at once.

I believe in keeping a strong military. If we want the eWorld to take our nation seriously we need to keep actively involved in overseas affairs and deployments to battles for our allies. It's nice to have strong allies, but we still need to be able to defend ourselves at the same time, and to help defend our friends. The war module is a big part of the game, and I want us to be able to hold our own one day amongst the best.

For the rest, I believe in keeping income taxes as low as possible and import taxes at a rate where they will want to import here but at the same time to keep our local businesses thriving. I hope to get voted back into Senate for another term. 🙂

Please vote Binda33, AMP in Victoria.