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As everyone knows from the the article by chebbba there are only two cities in Russia: Moscow - 1st capital, and Saint-Petersburg - second capital. But there are also a lot of villages in Russia and I want to tell you about the official third capital of Russia - the village of Kazan situated on the Volga river 850 km to the East from Moscow in the european part of Russia. The population of this little village (actually among inhabitants it is largely known as a big village) is nearly 1 200 000 people and it occupies the area of 425 (it is 8th largest in Russia by population, by territory just almost as large as Oslo, 2 times bigger than Bucharest, 2.5 times less than Moscow and 3.5 times less than Saint-Petersburg). The village is more than 1000 years old though it is very hard to say so, but it has a rich history being one of the main routes from Europe to Asia. The symbol of Kazan is a strange animal half dragon and half snake, something like the king of snakes 🙂 His name is Zilant, be acquainted.

This little village is famous for its Kremlin (much more little than in Moscow, but UNESCO recognized it as a world heritage, that is why it is very popular among tourists. As you can see on the picture east and west strangely merged together 🙂 Such accidents are everywhere in this little but historically rich village.
Eastern analogue of leaning tower of Pisa 🙂

Kazan Kremlin

Kazan is an example of multinational Russia, more than 10 different nationalities live there (actually they are much more including Gastarbeiters). The largest of them are russians of course and tatars (second largest nation in Russia). The temple of four religions is a symbol of international integration.

The main square of the village is named Square of Freedom. Try to guess whose monument stands in the centre of it 🙂

In the centre of the village there is an artificial river named Bulak.

The village of Kazan is also famous for being one of the criminal capitals of Russia, that is why it has rather strong police garrison which hits both criminals and quite law-abiding citizens, just too severe. They are lovely, aren't they?

This village is also industrial and economic centre of the Volga region having several main factories, such as helicopter and aviation factories, creating such machines as long-haul supersonic atomic bomber Tu-160 and the legend of world's helicopter aviation Mi-17

Kazan is also a big educational centre having nearly 30 universities. Kazan State University is one of the greatest and oldest universities in Russia being created in 1804.

Sports are well-developed in Kazan and its footbal team Rubin (in red) is the current champion of Russia and ice hockey team Ak Bars (in green) is currently struggling in final games for being the champion of Russia against Lokomotiv - the team from another village named Yaroslavl.

I hope the article was interesting. If everyone writes about their own village or city it will be more interesting to read articles. 😉