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Day 1,794, 06:34 Published in USA USA by seeker1

Ladies and Gents... I am pleased to have an Interview with one of the eUS Airbornes most outgoing members. I am pleased to have Merle Corey

1) How long have you been in the eUS Airborne and what Division do you belong too?

Not sure of the exact time, probably close to a year. Was originally assigned to 101/3, now 101/1.

2) What are some positive things that the eUS Airborne supplies to you on a daily basics?

I like the camaraderie and the feeling of making a difference in battles, even if my personal damage is somewhat less than impactful. The supplies and QM rations are more than fair exchange for my communing, allowing me to rank up faster than I could without AB.

3) How would you describe the members and relations withing the AB?

Welcoming and enthusiastic. We are all there because we want to be.

4) What made you decide to join the Airborne?

I had the advantage of being from eSouth Africa - the unofficial training ground for AB. I knew some of the legends of AB from eSAAF, and have wanted to be AB from the V1 days. A huge number of eSouth Africans have been AB, including Cyber Witch, Chubbzilla, Grimstone, and Tronyx (and many others who have stopped playing).

5) Whats your advice to someone that wants to join the Airborne but it stuck in a choosing match with another MU?

I'd stack up AB against any MU. Once you join AB, there is no where to go but down. (no parachute jokes, Allen). And don't join any MU that contains Leewas.

6) Last question Merle, How would you describe the Officers and leaders in the eUS Airborne?

I am lucky to be playing with the incredibly dedicated leaders of the AB. The conversion from a government-funded to a self-funded MU was difficult, but they managed to steadily increase the daily rations available to the average MU member. If not for them, I'd have quit long ago.

I am very thankful to sit down and ask Mr. Corey some questions about our community within the MU and some of his opinions. Again, I’d like to say thanks to Merle for his time and answers!

Thanks for reading, folks and remember that these articles are published once a week! And consider joining us here and keep in mind that we have the best BBQ in the game.

If you have reached Division 3 or 4 and are able to be very active in terms of time on IRC and time spent fighting, you are a perfect candidate for the AB. Fill out Our Application if you want to join us!

Not yet reached Division 3? Apply to the eUS Training Corps!

George Griffin
XO Officer



Tiacha Day 1,794, 09:38

Leewas has officially been neutered. No need to bash on the Marines because I got his balls under control. 😉

Ruthain Day 1,794, 09:42

mmmmm I smell BBQ!

ADFGDF Day 1,794, 09:50

o7 AB

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Day 1,794, 10:33

Phuck yesh merleCorey \o/

Merle Corey
Merle Corey Day 1,794, 10:54

it is my understanding that Leewas is once again Krimpie. So it is all good with me.

darksrevan Day 1,794, 10:56


Nfin Day 1,794, 13:27


Allen Webster
Allen Webster Day 1,794, 19:14

MEAT BOMBS (and just so people know I was a AB SGT under the best LT ever SPARTAN he taught me how to be better)

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Day 1,794, 19:14

I now awnt BBQ pulled pork

Verdugo22 Day 1,796, 06:04


Oxy744 Day 1,796, 19:54


kitmen Day 1,800, 00:49

Airborne has some good guys, good seeing something like this to know them better.

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