Vice President's Office: Addressing Concerns

Day 535, 16:06 Published in Singapore Bulgaria by Jewitt

Many have come to me over the past few days questioning my position as Vice President of Singapore.

It takes little more than typing my name and the "ENTER" button to discover I am still in the eUSA. Of course, if anyone checked about a month ago to this date they would had found me in Romania or Sweden. I move my citizen around the world in search of warfare whenever I am not holding a government office. I do this mostly to allow my character to grow instead of just sitting there and gaining a skill in a job.

The reason why I am in the eUSA over another e-nation is also because I own the companies I work for. At a moment's notice, I can fire myself and leave the e-country. I cannot say the same if I was elsewhere (a reason why I may not return to Sweden anytime soon). Soon enough, I may be called to Singapore as I will be taking the President's spot in the Singaporean Navy and will be an active serviceman there. Upon orders, I will move where commanded by Admiral Flaco Jimenez.

I hope my having my citizen in another e-country is not a hurdle which with we will have discontent over. I have already begun working with President John Jay and Former President Arbryn on Singapore's tax scheme and economic outlook. In this, fellow economist and Singaporean Minister of Finance chebbba has been a great partner and I hope that she continues to work with me as she has in just the past two days.

In later news, we in the cabinet have begun work doing legitimate tracking of government revenue and expenditures. Hopefully this will further increase government efficiency in spending and will be a tool to be used by Congress in future tax discussion.

If there are any questions about my position, our work on government efficiency, or anything else, do not hesitate to contact me personally in-Private Message or in any of my newspaper articles.

-Jewitt, Chief Editor