Very important message to Hungary! Read immediatelly!

Day 5,972, 12:09 Published in Bulgaria Bulgaria by DS_4Ka

Dear Hungary,

Bulgaria gave you 3 air epics so far, and you didnt even helped for any of them, this is not cool, its not ok, not very nice of you. This is not very friendly behaviour from you and we had enough of it, we are not going to tolerate this insulting behaviour from you anymore!

Now, next week, tuesday at 8 pm bulgarian time you MUST make the air epic in our direct battle, OR we are GOING TO DECLARE WAR ON YOU!

This is a final warning and the Bulgarian president and everyone else may/may not approve it, idk 😉

Really, not helping for the epic is not cool, not that I helped much, but... 😉

Е ся няа д има сао п/ котки в топа 😉


Hungary wtf?

Not now, in tuesday, tuesday!! U ruined everything again and I missed the epic, thanks a lot, traitors.

Пак не направиха епик, не удържаха на обещанието си, това вече е война! 😉