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Valkyrie: Anti-Elite Party!

Day 1,731, 19:05 Published in USA USA by BrandonJ

Hello eUSA,

How many of you eRepublik players got a chance in Party President, Congress Elections or even Country President? Sad to say 80% of you will not get a chance anytime soon.

I have talked with many people about what they think.
Thanks to malpazar for the interview!

Question = Q
Answer = A

Q - Do you feel you have say in what eUSA does as a nation?

A - I feel that the average person has little say in the eUSA government, however with strives in the Glove administration I feel that direct democracy is at least giving the average eUS citizen some chance if they choose to speak.

Q - Have you ever tried running in politics such as Congress and Party President if so have you had any luck?

A - I have felt that it is not time to run for any political position at this point, but assist in ATO's that the eUS needs. I would love to run in future politics though and hope I can get my name out there.

Q - Do you feel the people in the top 5 partys run the same people and their friends over and over again?

A - I feel that there is some problems with this, it seems that the same people do run for political positions no matter their performances and as long as they get a party endorsement everything is fine for them. However some people really do deserve these positions and have not given a reason as to why they shouldn't be nominated. But yes, I do feel that the top

five parties have complete control, and I hope that the CVPP can try to get some voice in congress.

Q - What changes should be made in your opinion to eRepulik that can fix this problem and what can Valkryie do to help?

A - The fun part about erepublik is the sandbox style it has, doing things to change the amount of terms one can have in congress and any other strange fixes cannot be placed because of this sandbox element nor would I like to see them placed. What needs to change is some other parties need to get their voice in, I think people would see a much different government.

Now I'm not saying the party presidents are selfish after all they worked their way up there and obviously worked hard but all I'm saying is let others be heared!

Join the Valkyrie!

We run everyone one everywhere we just need more supporters 🙂

Join us here!

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Thanks for reading hope you can join us and make eUSA and eRepublik a better place 🙂

Valkyrie Lead - BJ


Malpazar Day 1,731, 19:17


Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,732, 00:07


Proud Yankee
Proud Yankee Day 1,732, 12:38


Ralph Ericson
Ralph Ericson Day 1,733, 14:26

Oh boy another one of these.

Simulare Day 1,734, 19:37

^ that's right! The last thing this game needs is people thinking for themselves and having opinions. There's no room for independent thought in eRepublik. A handful of economically and socially challenged people with the IQ and maturity of high school sophomores will determine your fate.

BrandonJ Day 1,735, 16:47

It's a game... I say what i want and yea I'm in highschool.. You guys probably don't even have jobs thats why you take this game so seriously.

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