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V-O-T-E for Hazem95!

Day 1,908, 19:20 Published in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia by hazem95

As Minister of Interior Affairs of Saudi Arabia, I address each and every Saudi Citizen. We always take great precautions and measures to make sure that nobody un-trustworthy and dangerous to Saudi Arabia wins The Party president Elections. Your Government is trying to protect our country from all her enemies inside and abroad. You may be a new player and might quite not know the History of eSaudi Arabia, because of that you may not why we do not wish anyone else to win except me (Hazem95). He is the actual legible candidate running. The Others are a joke, and harmful to Saudi Arabia's future. PP elections are the most important in Saudi Arabia, and because of that we must make sure the REAl Candidate wins, not the jokes that are running, the threats that aren't running for any real interests. We are the protectors of Saudi Arabia, and we need to keep it safe. Your vote counts, so use it in an effective manner for your country. In any other election, feel free to vote for who you wish, but for Party President Elections, it is essential that you know who to vote for, because you may be new and not the situation, so listen to your Saudi peers. If any PTO’R makes an attempt on February the 15th, he will be put on the blacklist, and his eLife will be worthless there on. We ask all you real honest players to vote only for Hazem95 on the 15th, because he is the Official Candidate for all of Saudi Arabia on February 15th . It is essential he wins to prevent anyone untrustworthy trying to take over Saudi Arabia’s Political Party, which would be a takeover of the whole country .



q8yy Day 1,909, 00:33

معك قلباً وقالباً 😉

mwatin Day 1,909, 03:01

We will vote for you

Farbous Day 1,909, 03:58

Damn straight!

big V

abdullah australi
abdullah australi Day 1,909, 04:52

voted + endorsed

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Day 1,909, 13:32

318 sub

mohammed saudi
mohammed saudi Day 1,909, 15:15


bdryan Day 1,909, 16:45

موفقك ي صديقي

Matix1 Day 1,910, 13:21

i love your country, pls many rws

zooozx Day 1,911, 23:12


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