Day 3,398, 12:57 Published in USA USA by SColbert

USWP once again succeeds where SFP and BSP fail! After years of rule by dictatorship, USWP leads the charge in removing the very thing that the so called opposition parties have made the centerpiece of the reason to support them. USWP proves that it is the party of action, as SFP and BSP continue spouting their empty promises. It takes real adults to pass serious legislation, and SFP and BSP continue to sit at the kiddy table.

Our esteemed Speaker dmjohnston, and your’s truly teamed up to write and propose the legislation that made the removal of the dictatorship possible. SFP and BSP despite having opposed the dictator law for 2 years now, failed to bring any proposal to congress. Only by the hard work and determination of USWP did this repeal succeed.

Franklin Stone, professional complainer and crappy meme poster, had this to say,

“I was just too busy fantasizing about conspiracies headed by the elites to actually do anything about the law that I’ve been screaming about for 2 years.”

Meanwhile well known sheep, and certified old man Arrden issued this comment,

“F**k gay people.”

USWP delivers to its constituents, and continues to put country ahead of ideology. While SFP and BSP cannot even get their act together to bring legislation to repeal the very thing they’ve hated for years now, USWP moves swiftly and decisively to make our country safer and stronger. One has to ask themselves, why are SFP and BSP so incompetent? Why can they never seem to seize on a moment to keep their promises? Why are they just so bad at governing?

Fear not though! As SFP and BSP continue their incompetence, USWP is here to responsibly lead our country forward in this era of the eUSA!