User Survey

Day 4,847, 10:30 Published in Austria Austria by Mayamoto

Dear User,

since Plato is always striving to improve players gaming experience, we hereby start a small survey in order to get a feeling for players desires.

Sorry ... just kidding ...

Nevertheless I would be interested : 😨

Why you decided to still play eRebuglik?

1) "I've held out too long. I'll play to the bitter end!" #eApocalyptico

2) "I just love Plato." #shutUpAndTakeMyMoney

3) "I'm not. I'm just a bot." #MultiCulti

4) "42"

5) "Are there any other games?"

6) "Lost in translation."

7) "I'm just curios. What will be the next bug or exploit?" #getCreative

😎 "Option 8"

9) "Other"

Please let us know your opinion down below. The best answers will not win anything.

Have a nice day!
Your Mr. Moto

P.S.: Don't you love the newspaper editor too? Isn't it just modern and easy to use? #iLove90s
shutdown -s /t 1