USAF Newsletter - Weekend Edition

Day 3,103, 23:21 Published in USA USA by USAF Media
Yes, this is exactly what we're fighting for.
Anyone who says otherwise is a damn liar, and anyone who believes them is a damn fool.

USAF Newsletter - Weekend Edition

Dateline: Friday, May 20, 2016 (Day 3104)
Location: United States Armed Forces HQ, Denver

In Today’s USAF Newsletter:  
: 1 : Resource War Map
: 2 : Resource War Mechanics
: 3 : Recipe for Success
: 4 : From the Commander's Desk
: 5 : G.I. Humor
: 6 : America at War
: Video : Soul Sacrifice - Santana at Woodstock

Editor’s Notes: This newspaper will publish twice weekly-- Monday and Friday (sometimes very late the night before). Our target audience extends well beyond USAF personnel. Both editions will become more hard news focused, and the Weekend Edition will have a bit of fun and fluff added. Regular features like the War MapRecipe for Success,contests and other ideas in the pipeline, along with interviews and stories of national interest befitting an official government newspaper, are being developed with the intent to make this newspaper your newspaper-- a newspaper for everyone.

Resource Wars Update

Update approx 23oo Day 3103:
Since our last Map (22oo Day 2099) America has gained Clay, Granite and Wood (Washington), Wolfram (Utah) and Oil (Kentucky). We just overshot Saltpeter-- reached the points too soon to claim the resource.

Ilene Dover's been running a great series of articles outlining the progress of the Resource Wars in great detail. Check the latest edition of The Maiden's Peach for a worldwide view of Resource placement.
Antonio Wimer has an article out, RESOURCE WARS ANALYSIS, which also offers a world view of Resource placement, as well as an in depth explanation of the mechanics of the Resource War.

Our own attempt to explain the game mechanics of the Wars, in layman's terms, is next. Enjoy..!

Resource War Mechanics
 with Yui MHCP001

If you don't like tl😉r, just scroll down to the next segment. rainy sunday will take good care of you.

Hopefully, we get the part about getting into IRC Rizon #ResourceWars before fighting, so we may be directed to deliver our damage precisely where it'll be most effective toward our goals. We see Gnilraps, Yui MHCP001, Melissa Rose, jadiv, Wild Owl and others in there, directing fighters of each Division to fight here and there. Battle Manager Yui took the time, and exercised great patience, to explain the process.

Before the Resource Wars began, the President and advisors set lists of desired resources, in priority order, at each of our regions. This comes into play as we win a resource, because where it gets placed is already set.

Domination points are racked up as each of us clicks the Fight button. Domination points are tallied each minute, and the amount is determined by what walls your country controls. The goal is to have our nation's collective domination points reach 30,ooo exactly as a Resource comes available. You can see that on the Resource Wars popup's Resource Pool tab, where the resource is shown along with a countdown clock.

Along with the Resource Pool countdown clock and the old clock on the wall, Managers are watching the Leaderboard >> Points to Next Target, as a gauge of the pace we're setting on the battlefields.

We fighters are creating domination points by clicking the Fight button and pushing the wall. We'll usually be guided to push a certain wall to just over the middle, and there's no point in wasting hits beyond that-- we just want to control the wall.
What's important is that we create points for our Manager to track, and at a pace he wants us to keep. In order to have us hit 30k exactly on time, Battle managers will direct fighters to Hold, or maybe even fight on the opposite side, but mainly to GO GO GO in the minutes before the desired resource comes available.

Here's some loose math that might help. You're familiar with the dropdown scoreboard at any battle screen. Each mini-battle has four walls, one for each Division, and a mini-battle is closed out when all four walls are won or lost. A won wall earns 1800 domination points. 30,ooo divided by 1800 is 16.66-- so sixteen and two-thirds walls won, in any number of wars, is an easy way to think of what it takes to earn that 30,ooo points. In layman's terms.
But it's not actually "walls won," it's "a total of points earned within a certain time frame." For example, as I write this, Battle Manager Yui is watching Oil, which comes up in three hours. He's going to speed up or slow down our earning points for him, so he hits that 30k mark just before Oil comes up.

Now, just in case it hasn't already, it's about to get confusing.
We're going to hit 30k at exactly the right time. We want that Oil. Some other country wants Oil, too, and they're going to hit 30k right on time, too. So who gets the Oil? 
eRep first looks at the time when both countries hit the 30k mark. If one is clearly first, they win the resource. Easy peasy.
But if they both hit the number target and the time target at the same time, eRep then looks at the battle IDs of both countries. The battle ID is those numbers at the end of the battle's URL, i.e., .../battlefield-new/78727. Both countries have multiple battles open-- so what counts now is which one has the lowest battle ID of any open battle.

eRep awards the Resource to one country, and it's automatically placed where the pre-war Priorities lists indicate it's wanted.
Both countries now start over, accumulating toward their next 30k. Points over 30k roll over, i.e. 30,080 starts over at 80 points.
Countries who accumulate 30k points but don't try for a resource, those points disappear and they start over. Countries who reach 30k too soon before a resource is available, lose them and start over.

So what's going on when we don't necessarily want the next resource or two that's coming available? Hey, we're soldiers, so we fight! We may fight for an ally or resource partner, to help them earn domination points and shoot for a resource. Battle Managers have a Win-Lose list, which is usually posted at the header of the #ResourceWars room, and is the most up to the minute version of the DoD Orders.

If your game time is limited, and we're not going for a resource when you're ready to drop your damage for the day, there's still a sensible place to do it, and your Battle Manager will help you with that.
But your best bet, your best bang for the buck, the best way you can help America reach every resource goal, is to fight in a mass attack as directed by a Battle Manager in #ResourceWars.

Rainy Sunday's Recipe for Success

From the Desk of the Commander

One of the ways the USAF helps new-ish soldiers get ahead is through the DoD-SEP (Dept of Defense Strength Enhancement Program). In addition to fantastic regular supplies (we'll cover that next week), low strength soldiers may qualify for an extra o.5 gold every time they click the Work button.

Considering that a Q1 House is part of regular supply, these two clicks a day can add up pretty quickly. These funds are paid every other week, to be earmarked for upgrading Training Grounds when Plato sets the 45% Discount almost every month.

"USAF Communes do not profit on this at all. We actually lose money in this case, but our main concern is to help those who would like to upgrade their Training Grounds, explains Commander Hale Kane. "Assist the young and weak, and make them tanks for the future."

Division 1 and 2 soldiers who don't have their Training Grounds built to the max, and who work in a USAF commune, are eligible for this special DoD-SEP disbursement. If you qualify, but are not in the program, drop a note to your Regiment Captain and he'll get you hooked up.
If you're not in the USAF, but otherwise qualify for DoD-SEP, Join the USAF and an Enlistment Officer will contact you.

Humor in Uniform

for a quick fifty bucks, who is General Halftrack's hot secretary? Franklin Stone wins!

America at War

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