USA & Serbia - We Should Have Been Best Friends Forever!

Day 4,564, 22:03 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

Alliances come and go in this game, but I think one of the great tragedies of the eWorld is the never-ending hatred the eUS establishment has for Serbians. I do not understand it. These anti-American traitors were allied with INCI, some of the most dishonest, deceitful players in this game, yet they could never bring themselves to actually be nice to the Serbs? They are among some of the most good natured, loyal, honorable, and funniest people in the eWorld if you actually get to know them. If it makes me an "enemy of the state" for eLife, then I am happy to wear the title as a badge of honor. Serbia, you always have a friend in me, and I will always disagree with the prejudicial policy this country and the vast majority of its leadership has always held towards you.

I have no sympathy for this country having its arse repeatedly handed to it by Serbia and friends. The powers-that-be have asked for it through their persistent hateful, and irrational behavior towards what could be a powerful and worthy friend and ally. I was inspired to write this little note after reading a so-called white house press release which viciously attacks a person for the terrible crime of being one of the many THOUSANDS of people I have worked with over the years, and of course being Serbian. This is sad on so many levels.

So to my Serbian friends around the world, I just want to say it has been a pleasure getting to know many of you, and I am sorry the eUS has been corrupted by so many bad folks over the years who do not see how awesome you are. I love your patriotism, and if it were up to me, we would indeed be BFF's! Never forget the terrible way you were treated by the authorities in this country, and how they will beg you for terms to your face, and then continue to trash talk you behind your backs. Like President Reagan wrote in this letter, I will never appease aggressors by abandoning friends!