USA military like Chuck Norris in Greece!

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I just had to congratulate the military on their amazing victory in Central Greece today. They have been working on this for more than a week and today they pulled it off. I got to watch the last half hour or so of the fight and was proud to be able to release some extra funds from Fort Knox for the final push and then Central Greece was liberated from PEACE along with the high iron that exists there.

I think it was the single best day that I've had while playing eRepublik so far!

Further, because Central Greece is back in Greek hands and we have a MPP with Greece, any attempt to retake that region can be defended from home by all of us while fighting from New Jersey or Florida (or anywhere else for that matter). I wish I could have gone over to fight with them but it was a lot of fun to watch all of our Marines, Mobile Infantry, Army, and Airborne throwing in with our best allies from places like Spain, Romania, Poland, Sweden, Canada, Greece, Croatia, and many others. Beyond that ... another thing that helped us to win was our 20% tax rate that funded the Military in their efforts.

I'd like to point out several great articles and make a few other comments before signing off and letting the praise come in for our troops (along with the usual trolls).

Harrison Richardson


Joe DaSmoe

Then there was Tiacha who was saying too bad ... so sad to GLaDOS who got himself temp banned today and missed the whole thing.

The Military won today despite that there was a major hack or glitch that resulted in the Marines losing 600 gold and about as many weapons and other assets today. Joshua Hoss alerted us to this today.

Admin has been contacted about the problem from many sources but The Black Lotus has started an e-petition to raise awareness about this issue.

Update ... it's fixed (and those links were taken down):

Sadly, it wasn't all awesomeness today. A well-known PEACE operative who often trolls my articles ... Zoli ... wrote a scathing article about the amount of money that he said that my Administration was "wasting" on the military instead of on useless infrastructure.

Our Romanian friend Sebahmah wrote a response to this that focused mostly on Zoli himself while johnpauljones did an excellent analysis of the arguments used by Zoli and the scare tactics that were meant to tell America to not fund its military.

To my surprise my predecessor, Uncle Sam, jumped on this issue as well as one of my most ardent haters pyroelectricity.

Now, I can understand pyro jumping on the bandwagon as that is what he does with his usual unsophisticated vigor but to see Sam asking why I'm not being impeached over using our tax dollars to do exactly what I said I would do with our tax dollars 4 months ago is just a bit much.

Remember this old campaign article?

Sam seems to be whining around about why he was impeached when I'm not being impeached and it's because Sam did more than simply spend money ... he wasted money in a useless war against real estate that had no value (Mexico) and then he completely failed to communicate with Congress and others who needed to know what he was doing. I thought that Sam and I had laid our differences to rest. Apparently not.

Nevertheless, I am proud of our military. They performed exactly as they needed to. Our military has grown substantially under my Administration and are stronger and more efficient due to the excellent management of Eugene Harlot as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as all of the other excellent commanders who are too many to name without slighting those who I forget. When I took office I said that I would use our funds to build the military and would use them to try to reach achievable objectives rather than useless wars. This is what we were waiting for. FER almost worked and today the liberation of Central Greece (as well as the liberation of the remainder of Israel and several other territories) is the result of all of that budgeting, training through the war games, and coordination of the Military Commanders. And now we have one more high iron region in our hands and not in the hands of PEACE. This is a great victory.

Make sure you congratulate the military when you get a chance. Please visit the articles linked here (at least the top ones written in support of the military) and vote them up and leave your comments.

It's 2 hours before server reset on Party President Election day and so far PEACE hasn't pulled their big attack yet. If they do we'll respond to it with the fierceness that we showed in Central Greece today. The sleeping giant is awakening ... and it's looking good so far.

scrabman - eUSA President