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UPDATE - Final poll analysis about Supply Pack

Day 1,819, 03:11 Published in USA Romania by Silexu


As my article is about to expire I will present in the next chart the final distribution of the votes (from a total of 197) for the Supply Pack Poll (which is now disabled).

You can see that more that 50% did not buy yet gold and 36% would not buy it even whit such an offer.
From the gold buyers more about 70% are upset with the lack of offer and 15% would not buy it anyway.
Only 13% are surely buying gold based on the offer, 9% would think about but I would not bet that much of them will do it, while from the 35% upset I am not very sure how many would still buy. So I would not give more than 25% for the people that finally would buy the supply pack.

I would like to thank all the voters who propelled me for the first time as top article in US and in top 15 International.

[Previous analyses]

I've changed a bit the order of the information. This is because maybe the frustration lowered and you may be curious about the opinion of the players regarding new Supply Pack. If you are upset of the missing offer you can jump down the page, read the original article and come back for analysis.

It is about the offer in the next screenshot.

Based on that offer I've created a poll. The poll question is available at
and you can check the results here

My analyses of the results (14:30 eRep time in 1819) show interesting results (relative to the players that answered the poll):
o 2/3 of them already bought gold;
o most of them and half of the people that answered the poll are not happy with the fact there is an offer they cannot access;
o from the people that did not bought gold yet 80% are still not willing to buy; only one (2%) is convinced by the offer - I wonder who is THE player

As a new analysis (day 1820, 3:00 eRep time) I can say that
o the same 66% for gold buyers;
o 75% from the gold buyers are unhappy they cannot access such an offer;
o 66% from the non gold buyers still do not want to spend real money;

[Original article]

A lot of players see this. What does it mean?

It simply means that the loyalty players that already spent a lot of real money on a lot of gold (and I am not a big spender) do not have any advantage in such situations.

It means that you, as a loyalty player, are a big fish they already ate and they are looking for more small ones to catch and foolish to enter the system.

It means a slap in your face.

[Later edit]

Hmm!! Another idea came in my mind. Maybe Plato considers the people that already bought gold are already illuminated and does not want to tempt them again with the devil eye.

All the best,

PS I've created a Poll, maybe you want to give your opinion:

You can see the current results here:



Swoosh. Day 1,819, 03:14

They are trying to run a business.
They are trying to get new spenders.
With the best offer they have had until now.
It will work.
Then all of a sudden, some players will not be EUR-virgins anymore.
And they might start spending big time.

Big fish already know how to spend.
They don't need this promo.

doporupu Day 1,819, 03:22


Silexu Day 1,819, 03:23

Doru: You don't see the offer on main page?

If not, you were a nasty boy and already bought gold.

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 1,819, 03:27


doporupu Day 1,819, 03:31

Fantastic, şi eu vreau aşa ofertă!!!!! Acuma îi şi mai rentabil să îţi faci clone 😁) 75gold cu 10euro pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Silexu Day 1,819, 03:31

Chuchi: +1

I think admins are mad, even the VISA players do not spend enough for them. If I bought some gold long ago, I lost the interest in doing that also long ago.
They manage to ruin the game in every sense.

mide13 Day 1,819, 03:50


vladb Day 1,819, 04:21

LOL ..paid 10 E to buy 25 Gold and now I am "rewarded " but not being able to spend 10 E to buy 75 Gold and other stuff amongst other thinks .

Loyalty Program indeed .

Shadow1712 Day 1,819, 04:21


lucay Day 1,819, 04:24


Atracurium Day 1,819, 04:25


f men
f men Day 1,819, 04:32

say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

mie nu mi apare oferta asta 😐

resoperka Day 1,819, 04:35

stop wining

Arcelven Day 1,819, 04:37


Cluster Storms
Cluster Storms Day 1,819, 04:57

Hail Aovel 😃

Qadis Rowein
Qadis Rowein Day 1,819, 04:58

i guess they will add this supply packs for bronze players once a lot of non paying people get the offer. Then a lot of bronze players will promote to silver status. then they will create a supply pack for silver players and so on

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Day 1,819, 04:58

guess someone's been fooled to buy something here in the first place... stop winning x2

Fettis Day 1,819, 05:06


Please, give that promo to EVERY player, that would be fair.

Zvijer69 Day 1,819, 05:23

LoL, people who give their RL money for eRep gold are upset cuz of this promotion?! Well boo-fu*'s a good slap on the wrist for buying gold in the first place from these greed-guided people. With every new promotion I'm more and more happy I never spend more than few SMS's for this, and that was more than a year ago.
GL with your "investments" here where you can only earn money with Q6-Q7 wep companies : )

KiltJoy Day 1,819, 05:29

Getting that offer is a badge of honor that you have not payed money for a faulty game run by corrupt admins. The value you see in the pack today could be made worthless by another Admin change.

G.Vakarian Day 1,819, 05:37

every now and then they have to piss you in the eye or this would not be the erepublik we know.

Silexu Day 1,819, 06:06

Zvijer69: I totally agree with you.

But let me tell you my story: I spent my first RL money for 25G to make a company in the moment the economy module really mean something. I spent my last 10Euro on the upgrade to Q6 (only 25G out from more than 400 I've collected in different ways). And in that moment the company was really profitable.

I made the upgrade to Q7 without buying any gold and soon I downgraded back to Q6 as it was completely not profitable anymore.


Silexu Day 1,819, 06:08

... I stopped buying gold since then, and more than that I stopped fighting actively in this game since it is only thing promoted. And I would not paid any cent for such an offer which promotes fighting.

Still I feel that it is not fair for the people that already spent money to stop them from receiving an offer like that.

Tiacha Day 1,819, 06:11

What was in the offer?

Silexu Day 1,819, 06:25

Tiacha: It is in the screenshot.

Tiacha Day 1,819, 06:30

Sorry, at work, they block image sharing sites. XD thanks.

Tiacha Day 1,819, 06:37

Wtf. So unfair

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Day 1,819, 06:49


BeDva Day 1,819, 07:06

mdrfkrs : /

loordsteaua Day 1,819, 07:12

admini handicapati.

Maxmillian VonWillebrand
Maxmillian VonWillebrand Day 1,819, 07:18

Protip: Stop spending your money in this game then...

Simulare Day 1,819, 08:04

haha. I have never spent a dime ingame and I have this offer. Wonder how many you're allowed to buy..

acdcristi Day 1,819, 08:08

Every company that is interested in every last cent of their clients is about to go bankrupt. Careful now...

Haidou Day 1,819, 08:45

10 Euros for all that! SHIT

Technician Day 1,819, 08:45

Protip: Stop spending your money in this game then...

... I may and then quit....

Viarizi Day 1,819, 08:49

Have u seen the promo for silver members?


WayMilky Day 1,819, 09:25

: (( Damn it...I don't see the offer

Curogane Day 1,819, 09:29

I like the offer, although I won't buy...

Doggstar Day 1,819, 09:36

Other than the obvious horse shit that this promo is, it will further drive gold prices down which doubly punishes people who have supported the game.

Corona Day 1,819, 10:11

Fun fact? Apparently, those who -bought- gold before are not entitled to this. Wow! 😃

totMarius Day 1,819, 14:53

uite ceea mai atre faza.....
eu cumpar la ultima oferta 84 de gold cu 25 de euro... pt prima dat si astept sa primesc si eu niste lp nu primesc fac un tiket si imi zice ca trebuie sa cheltui 50 de euro sa ma faca bronz

si 2 zile mia tarziu vine oferta asta nici nu o vad nici nu sunt bronz eu in ce categorie ma aflu

doporupu Day 1,819, 14:57

În categoria, fraierit de admini ca şi mulţi alţii 🙁(

JohnCV Day 1,819, 15:03

I have not seen so aggressive marketing lure till this offer. But i guess they have more sneaky aces in their sleeve.
I have not seen ever in my entire online gaming experience so greedy admins.
I have not bought a dime since they went into this promotion spree crap around 1 year ago.
I will not buy a damn dime till they will put their headless chicken head to work on improving something to this every day more crappy becoming game instead of focusing on low marketing tricks to take our money

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Day 1,819, 15:12

Is one hell of a deal.. 9.9euro

Syz2 Day 1,819, 15:28

Good deal, but I am penniless, so everyone else gets above me.

KOSOVA ArlinDx Day 1,819, 15:30

It`s just too hard to resist against this offer. ALL that shit for 10 euros '

Feel sorry for the goldbuyers though.

Silence Deathstalker
Silence Deathstalker Day 1,819, 17:52

Plato/Admins: Condemned to the 4th circle of Hell.

chazp Day 1,819, 19:38

You whiners, you probably all support us losing bonuses to get rid of "Serbs" be happy for the noobies for a change 😃

5440 Day 1,819, 21:48

and then gold tanks will spend so they can attempt to negate any effects of the deal.

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