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UP Candidacy for Congress

Day 1,824, 22:23 Published in South Africa South Africa by Lord Elrond Hubbard

On the 16th i formally put in my name as a candidate to represent the Union of Patriots in our great congress. Nothing would give me more pleasure than to serve this great country in congress. Please do not let my title of Nobility fool you, i believe in firm and strong democracy.

I strongly believe in what the Union of Patriots has to offer to this country, and i believe they can put South Africa on the road to prosperity. That said i will not hesitate to work with all parties and all congressmen/women if they have good ideas that i agree with.

I am a previous citizen of the eUSA and i believe this South Africa has something that other countries such as the US do not. That is the effort to include everyone into the country and make use of their skills and abilities for the good of all, and not look at them as just votes to keep elected the same order over and over. And for that reason South Africa can be a great country.

And to my opponents from other countries, good luck, for although we may disagree on some things, you are all true South Africans and worthy of respect and gratitude for wanting to serve this country.

If we all work together and chart a path to greatness we may see South Africa whole once more, as a great power.



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V! Good luck

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