United States of PEACE

Day 635, 09:35 Published in USA USA by Chris Stanwick

A few minutes ago, President Emerick announced that the United States Congress has passed a peace treaty ending the war with PEACE.

I'm sure many of you expect me to be overjoyed that our government finally followed the advice I espoused over two weeks ago when we still had more than half of our states and at least one of every high raw material producing region. At the time I was ridiculed and branded a coward and traitor for my call for peace. Then President Harrison Richardson and Secretary of State Emerick were two of my vocal critics, running their own campaigns for President as champions of America and for continuing the fight until we either won or were completely overrun by PEACE.

Well, I am not overjoyed by the peace treaty. In fact, I voted against it along with a few other Senators who are true patriots and Americans. The time for peace ended many days ago. Despite Emerick's glowing explanation of the treaty and how it is the best for our nation at this time, it will not accomplish the goals optimistically set by our government officials. The approval of a peace treaty now, when our nation comprises fewer than ten states, is disappointing at best.

I will not be a part of the hypocrisy perpetrated by the current administration in this cowardly act. The least Emerick could have done is gone down with the ship in a blaze of glory rather than beg the aggressors to leave a few meager scraps. In my last act as a United States Senator, I am initiating impeachment proceedings against Emerick for signing away our nation without so much as consulting with the American public. I will not live in such a nation as that.

May the gods bless America, for you will all need their blessings now.

-Former US Senator Chris Stanwick, Vermont