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Underwhelmed by Australian MOD

Day 1,765, 08:26 Published in Argentina Argentina by bennyto

Somes Hours Ago, the Australian MOD write this article:

We know that this person have a serius problem with Argentine people and he´s looking for our countries be enemies.

Ok, Majester, you have to continue sleeping while we do your job

i talk with you somes days ago trying to coordinate our forces on the battlefield against Chile, but you say: MajesterZZZ

The last Argentine´s night we open a Chanel with our tanks (private tanks q7) and we give supplies to fight for Australia, you told me that Australia have problems with the money, but look:

Ok, that is not problem, today we fight for you, maybe some day you fight for us

This RW on Nothern Territory was not opened by Argentine, we not receive supplies from you but we fight here... Them???? we fight just for friendship.

I give supplies, i fight hard for your countrie, i give orders, I buy tanks q7 and I spend my golds.

Basically I do your work, look the battle stat

TOP Chotos

I could´t see you on the batlle stat, where are the Australian mod?.... ooo, i know, the australian mod are sleeping

if your are looking to join at COT, just say, but no injuries to my country

Sorry my english, everyone knows that i can´t write 😉



Tenshou Day 1,765, 08:42


Tenshou Day 1,765, 08:43

I think that Majester is a troll, a big one.

LanyIsLost Day 1,765, 08:46

Majester is no troll. Obviously we didn't get the kind of support that was expected or he wouldn't have written such an article.

Il Ducce
Il Ducce Day 1,765, 08:48

You're also forgetting RW in Victoria..

Il Ducce
Il Ducce Day 1,765, 08:50

Guys, i give a shit about chile's territory.. I just want to see them wiped out of the map..

For the moment we have other priorities, like Colombia, Uruguay, Serbia stuff going on in India

I mean, we can't help EVERYONE at the same time you know?

We are not involved in any battle, what do you think we are doing?

bennyto Day 1,765, 08:51

just read my article Lany , we fight for you a lot of times, with our money, with our tanks, we aur orders, your mod are sleeping girl, and he are talking a lot of bullshit

look our teasure, look our battles and the battles of ours allieds

LanyIsLost Day 1,765, 08:54

I agree we need MoD's that are awake during peak times of battles, we always start losing when rl Aussies go to bed. : (

FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Day 1,765, 08:55

Majester need sleep more.. Nobody like him, more if insult my country all time.. if have bad relationship with Chile, have bad relationship with Argentina, have bad relationship with EDEN, have bad relationship with CoT

Forever alone Majester, no? 😕 or need a better MoFA.

bennyto Day 1,765, 08:57

ok Lany , for this reason is that we need to fight together but if your mod insults us we can not make great progress

PsyCokenin Day 1,765, 09:02

voted with kangaroorage

JasonWaz Day 1,765, 09:10

Not all aussies think the way of Majester just remember that.

I was disappointed in our side actually expecting you guys to win the whole damn thing.

Skull Kraken
Skull Kraken Day 1,765, 09:13

Esos eran los wones que pegaban ayer, mientras aca estabamos de fiestas
Tipico argento atacando pal 18 xD

C O L O R R Day 1,765, 09:15


Australia is ungrateful. But do not blame all Australians to have an even MoD and MoFA, totally useless

Popay III
Popay III Day 1,765, 09:17

Hail Argentina Fail australian MOD

proyd Day 1,765, 09:25


FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Day 1,765, 09:27

En realidad Skull, fui a buscar a Fauno, pensé que se lo había comido un kanguro ...

Jean90 Day 1,765, 09:28

Ingles malo, casi se me salen los ojos al leer, menos mal que pediste disculpas al final xD

Hace rato que argentina y australia no tienen una buena relación, simplemente esas muestras de "amistad" fue algo para camuflar eso, de hecho hace algunos meses atrás, antes que atacaran a chile, australia estaba en la lista de ataques de argentina, a parte de muchas otras cosas que han pasado, entonces no vengan que pegaban solo por amistad xD en estos momentos no les convenía tenerlos de enemigos.

DamianC88 Day 1,765, 09:31

jean90 Australia era uno de los paises TEDEN de la zona.. aunque siempre jugo mas para los paises PRO-one que otra cosa, nosotros para que vamos a querer atacar australia?? es impresionante como algunos chilenos piensan que saben mas de argentina que nosotros. Nunca nos llevamos bien mas por que ellos tienen problemas con nosotros y por la vez que un mod australiano le dijo falklands a las islas malvinas

LanyIsLost Day 1,765, 09:44

stop speaking spanish!

Lucas05 Day 1,765, 09:44

Damian, hace tanto tiempo que tenemos sus regiones que ya piensan que son argentinos, es eso

Letty Rodriguez mdq
Letty Rodriguez mdq Day 1,765, 09:46

Your English is very good my love, you do not need people to correct you.

Votado 😉

Tiburon  Gato
Tiburon Gato Day 1,765, 10:31

Solo vengo a decir: I´m the president right hand

balacenia Day 1,765, 10:39

Jean, te pareces a DrKaban que vive posteando lo que cree que es la estrategia Argentina. O como el fail de articulo ese que decia que en "una movida no esperada" Chile conquisto Bolivian Altiplano... cuando justamente queriamos que la conquisten lo mas rapido posible. Fail chileno, fail everywhere !

Dio Levi
Dio Levi Day 1,765, 10:44

Hola Tío \o

Suleta Day 1,765, 12:02

v + s

Sir Algaroth
Sir Algaroth Day 1,765, 12:36

Shin, voy a a hacer que brenda te castigue esta noche =PPP

rforster Day 1,765, 14:25

balacenia.... pasado a noob.... xD investiga y te enterarás que que Argentina sí tenía contemplado quitarle una región a Australia cuando estaban ocupando Perú....

bennyto Day 1,765, 15:17

@skull: estabamos haciendo una pequeña conmemoracion por 1 año de la creacion del canal #mdqlta 😃 di un par de tanques ahi mismo cuando quieras estas invitado
@jean mi ingles es casi tan malño como la diplomacia de Chile
@levi: Hola esobrino!!

Zer0Xx Day 1,765, 15:20

That is all I have to say :3


Majester Day 1,765, 15:34

Nice of you to tell us after the fact - a little convenient. Next time try telling us BEFORE so that our forces can coordinate. That's how allies do it.

Yeah, I hate Argentina. I am the guy who tried to get Argentina into a regional alliance with Australia. I am the guy who got Australia to support Argentina against New Zealand. I am the guy who risked impeachment because I had faith in our relationship. I am the guy Australia blames every single time Argentina fails us.

Majester Day 1,765, 15:37

I already told you that I do not operate on Buenos Aires time... too hectic for someone living half a world away. I am too old to party like an Argie... its Argies taking me to party that made me too old!

Try sending an in-game mail some time. They work too.

bennyto Day 1,765, 15:38

@majester: No you're just a weon, better go to sleep again

FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Day 1,765, 15:39

Regional alliance? lol wut ?

Argentina fails? Com' on, you insult all time, and help us? When? Please Majester.. Now all know you bad face in the game.

Thank you.. I hope to Australia have other politics, without you, because.. BIG FAIL.

bennyto Day 1,765, 15:51

poor poor Majester, he is too old, no have tanks, no have money, no have strong to fight but he loves to write articles.

if you can not be a god MOD then leave this work to another person and go to sleep

Brujita Veron
Brujita Veron Day 1,765, 16:10

s 432 v 63

Super Saiyayir
Super Saiyayir Day 1,765, 16:11


B E N J A M I N Day 1,765, 17:32

Voted !!

Nimoht Day 1,765, 17:57

Grover sent me here :cafe:

Juanma: mis ojos!!!! la proxima, Google Translator :cafe:

To Australian players: Ungrateful. Next time try to choose skilled people for your main offices at e-gov. And remember the big first fail these MOD and MoFA led you to make.

A los argentinos: una pena porque yo todo bien con los australianos, pero si tienen boludos como Majestat o como carajo se llame, que la coman por imbéciles.

Zer0Xx Day 1,765, 18:02

Google Translator? xD
Esa wea es FAIL xD, no traduce bien los tiempos ni una wea xD

Es enserio, recomiendo cursos de ingles, y se garantiza un incremento notable del uso de las palabras

bennyto Day 1,765, 18:27

a mi me encanta mi ingles 😃 me divierto escribiendolo asi y al parecer me entienden

infin Day 1,765, 18:27

We're you in our IRC supplies chanel, telling us what you were planning on doing? did you PM Majester or DD?

Nimoht Day 1,765, 18:33

Juan Manuel Rodriguez mdq Day 1,765, 18:27
less then min. ago

a mi me encanta mi ingles

Comprensible que diga eso, la jefa ya le admiró el manejo de idiomas, ahora no es cosa de echarse atrás!!!

:rotoabrazo: :cafe:

bennyto Day 1,765, 19:00

@infin Majestik has invited to our irc chanel, I talk to him for two days about this battle, i am on 1 Australia irc chanel
He knows very well that we fight, i think that Australia not need this Screenshot, not need the Majestik article and not need this article, but you have a bad bad bad MOD, you have to make some changes on your government.

bennyto Day 1,765, 19:04

he talk a lot of bullshit about the argies

Just look my TOP Damage on a campaign

I will not fight anymore for ppl like them
sorry me english

Lord Tinchosss
Lord Tinchosss Day 1,765, 20:17

poor poor Majester, he is too old, no have tanks, no have money, no have strong to fight but he loves to write articles.

if you can not be a god MOD then leave this work to another person and go to sleep


fedexpozzi Day 1,765, 21:19

yo ser indio yanki, hablar sobre comida. darme Q7 para peliar, yo ser juanmanolo angloparlantulo.

Nraz Day 1,765, 21:28

Votado por el ingles de juanma y val :cafe:

Nraz Day 1,765, 21:29


Faunoskov Day 1,765, 21:41

No te confundas vala, no es una cangura, es una colibrí =3

PsyCokenin Day 1,765, 21:57

Juanma devolvé la bolsa
o al menor invierte la guita en OpenEnglish

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